Sunday Funday = Meal Plan, cooking, canning…oh my!!

*RIP* MR. EUGENE KAUTZ ~ 9/18/2011

WOW – Have we been crazy busy…  the “babay” turned five this past week you know…   It was a pretty awesome week, I got to go to school and have lunch with the kids, met with a friend to plan our Girl Scout year, went with my BFF girlfriend shopping for the afternoon, unfortunately our leisurely lunch was drive through (UGH) and we went to a surprise party for another BFF… HI PRETTY – are you recovered??  I did miss FRIDAY NIGHT POKER ~GASP~ but I survived that and really had tons of fun!!

 The kids had a football game Saturday, I ran around getting more Tylenol Precise for the RA deal (Finally made the $20 UPS) and then we had Conner’s b-day dinner at the park.  He had his BFF Deacon along and they had a great time!!

 …and How about them BILLS???  Wholly cow – I totally enjoyed that game more than any I can ever remember!!  So excited for all my BFF’s that have season tickets…gotta believe this one made them all worth it!!  Right GUYS??  Are you reading my blog??  Haha…

 Anyhow – Cooked and Canned all day so even though I did not shop ‘til I dropped for all of the deals today like I had planned, highlights are the best ever “Corn for the Freezer” (thanks everyone for your input and my fabulous hubby who shucked it all) and getting a few jars of “Canned Stewed Tomatoes” done.  This year’s garden producing only a few tomatoes at a time is not working out very well but at least we’ll have some… Probably need to get another bushel or so… anyone still have lots??

 Finally did the HAM IN THE CROCKPOT today for a big Sunday Dinner and now have tons of leftovers for the week.  Also made Rhodes rolls – Parkered – have you ever done this with those little frozen balls??…  Grease a muffin tin and put two balls in each cup… I sprayed the top and then covered with a large paper towel… let them thaw and then rise until they are just about touching each other… bake @ 350* for 16-20 minutes…  OMG – as if I slaved over the bread maker – hahaha – they were fabulous!!  I actually had to “make” another batch after dinner because we want them for ham sandwiches!  They are cooling now and the house still smells soooo good!  So when those frozen dough ball rolls are on sale ( I usually grab them when Tops does the dollar doubler) STOCK UP and you will be so happy to have “semi” homemade rolls!  Convenience items – I love it!!!

 Wow I can blab huh??!!  On to this week’s meal plan:

 Monday:  I gotta do the shopping so Kerry will have to prep the CHICKEN QUESIDILLAS… chicken is already shredded from the big batch I did last week.

 Tuesday:  HEARTY POTATO CORN CHOWDER – in the crock, after football practice – with the best corn and ham from our Sunday Dinner.

 Wednesday:  HAMBURGER GRAVY OVER RICE (with PEAS) – from the days of the school cafeteria, still one of my favorites!!

 Thursday:  Football Game Night so PIZZA (OUT) it is…


 Saturday:  Our dear Friends, lost their DAD – MR.EUGENE KAUTZ (RIP) 9/18/11 and we will be attending the memorial service on Saturday.

 Sunday:  POT ROAST DINNER – Hoping to hit Brown’s Berry Patch for some Apple fun with the Kid’s, so this would be fabulous to come home to!!

 So – what are you doing and having to eat this week??


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  1. Hi, michelle this is Rose. Great blog on couponing. Always wanted to do this but not enough time , sometimes u need to make time to save money so i am all for that. How should i get sarted? I do not have a printer now but looking into getting one. Great pepper jelly from the weekend and had a great time 4 wheeling. We need to do more family things like that and yes lets not forget about the homemade wine very good but always is.

  2. Yeah Rose – you found my little hobby – LOL!! Best way to get started is by saving your coupons each week, printables are also nice but Sunday Paper inserts are by far the best savings tool!! Then just follow along each week and we’ll get some FREE stuff together!! My goal is to make it easy so everyone can do it… the EXTREME COUPONING is junk – this is REAL couponing where every week you can get a few things free and when there are killer deals you may stock up some but overall its just about saving some money and getting more for your hard earned dollar!! Please check back regulary – you can subscribe by email so updates go right to your email account and please do pass on the website to anyone you know who may be interested!! Maybe we make this a family affair – hahaha

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