Good Day, Bad day, a Horror Story and a Meal Plan… these are The Days Of My Life!!

What an awesome day today was – don’t you think??  I wish we could have today’s weather for the whole winter!!  I mean since I am wishin’, I might as well wish big!!


I did a lot of shopping today even though I told myself I was going to work on “project clutter” – seriously, shopping is so much more my style!


A new good friend had these super cute clog – ??  type shoes on and told me she got them at Dollar General – seriously??LOL – so I have been on the hunt for my  mammoth size 9’s for a few weeks now…  This is how I came to realize DG costume jewelry was too cute as well – hahaha.  Anyhow, decided to try Warsaw today and actually found them – yeah!!  So cute and comfy for only $8…  BARGOON!!!  And yet again, another fine example of how I have changed – hahaha!!


I hit Save-a-lot with my $5/$25 coupon and scored frozen chicken breast for only $1.49# as well as apples for sauce – fresh from area farms – for only .59#.  AND I scored  a super awesome pancake and syrup candle, that smells as good as a yankee…  for $4!!


The DG / Save-a-lot parking lot also housed a TimmyHo’s so got some awesome cappuccino for my Wal-Mart / Tops trip…. And headed over….

Walmart story forthcoming, but am skipping for now….


At TOPS, I got everything I wanted on my list for $65.00 (minus 500 gas points  = $15 value) so $50 bucks!!  NICE !!   The family packs of ground chuck were about 4#s and ran around $9 each, so my order included 2 of those.  I also got more of those holiday grapes I raved about as they were on sale for 1.77#…YUMMY!


Now you know it couldn’t all be so GREAT, so please allow me to highlight my WALMART SAGA for you, in a nut shell – here it is:


I am in a “battle” with WAL-MART right now over their customer service – go figure!! – but this was my whole reasonfor going to Warsaw today.  This past week, walmart advertised these Compaq laptops – not netbooks – for $249….  During the week I called Batavia and they said they had tons, no biggie… so I went on Thursday and of course they had NONE!!  And as nice as the clerk in electronics was about it, they did not offer me any help in finding others….  Friday was spent calling all over to find some and finally remembering Warsaw, I called there to discover yet again, “they had tons”….  Knowing better, I asked them first if I could do layaway over the phone, but of course that is not a possibility…not sure why still, but the young punk on the phone said he would hold 2 for me until Sat. afternoon!  I gave my name and phone and told him I would be there Sat. and he assured me they would be behind the counter in electronics.  Well, I was running late cuz I was at a baby shower so I called walmart to tell them I was still coming and You guessed it… no computers… they do not know what happened, there are not any computers available anywhere, they are not allowed to hold anything …blah, blah, blah….  Last night after stewing for hours, I called to speak to the manager and after holding for ever, I swear I got the same kid I originally spoke to who told me he would hold the computers…  I asked again to speak to a manager and I got transferred to a young sounding girl who seriously had no clue, no customer service skill and apparently no common sense!!  After going through my whole story again, I explained for the umpteenth time that I just wanted help finding at least one of these computers!!


 “Oh just one??  We have one more here….”  She says….  (WT-….– ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW??)


So I decide rather than having my head explode I would start fresh…  “OH, you do?? – you are the absolute best!!  I am so excited and so thrilled that you are able to help me….  Did I tell you yet that you are my savior??”


“TeeHee Heee…  no problem… I will hold this one for you for sure MAAM”  (I’ll friggen MAAM ya….)


So we make a hot date for me to pick up the one computer today…  but you know the out come here, right??  Drove to Warsaw and  THERE WAS NO COMPUTER FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So – rather “calmly” I explained the situation to the poor electronics sweetie of the day and told her I was not leaving until a computer was found for me…  That poor girl called every store with in an hours radius….  No luck anywhere.  Since she actually had tried to help me, I “calmly” suggested she contact a manager…  The manager called her back on her phone and after hearing the whole story, told her to tell me they were sorry, there just wasn’t anything they could do!!!  Electronic sweetie explains all this to me after of course hanging up with the manager and as smoke poured from my head, I asked her to “PLEASE GET THE MANAGER OVER HERE RIGHT NOW”….  Blah, blah, blah – yadda, yadda, yadda…. The manager then assured me she would order me two computers  – no problem, she already had the order in, they will be here by the end of the week….  Could she just have my name and number and they will call me as soon as they come in!!


HHHHMMMM – what do you think the chances are that I am getting these computers??  My bet is that she just wanted me the heck out of that store!!  I have calmed down and seriously do not mind that I missed the deal, I mind the horrid lack of customer service and being lied to REPEATEDLY!!!!!!!!!!!  So – YES, this is not over – although I fear there is no good outcome – even if I get the computers, I ‘m not sure that is enough right now… I am soooo livid!!   But YES, the computers would sure help!!


Sadly this is not my first bad experience with Walmart… any one else have a horror story??


Anyhow, I came home to happy kids doing homework and my wonderful husband doing dishes with the lasagna already made in the oven…  WITH brownies cooling on the counter.  Now –  that is what really matters, so silly me for caring too much about that wrong things!  RIGHT??  Yes!!


SERIOUSLY though… this wonderful family needs two of those damn computers from Santa this year!!!!!!!



My Weekly Meal Plan and this week’s craziness involves….


Monday:  Boy Scouts… Grilled Chicken with/on a huge salad, and garlic toast from our Lasagna tonight.


Tuesday:  Football and Cheerleading practice… Chili with Grilled Cheese  (Grilled PB&J for the kids, it’s a favorite!!)


Wednesday:  I work, so leftover lasagna for the family…


Thursday:  Girl Scouts, Last Football Practice… Chili Dogs and French Fries


Friday: MY DAY OFF = YEAH…Boboli Pizzas and Chicken Wings


Saturday:  Last football game of the season, and kids already have a hot date at Nana’s planned with all the cousins!!  Since it’s a week before Kerry’s birthday we’ll do a nice dinner out – dare I say maybe the lights of Niagara Falls – you know the ones that flash and scream, WINNER!!


Sunday:  Turkey Dinner…  still have 2 left from last year’s sales that I have to use up before I get them for $3 bucks each this year – LOL!!  Next week’s meals will involve lotsa turkey as this one is a 23#er!!


So – what are you eating this week??


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  1. Hi Michelle. In response to your FB message, I’ve been asked to tell everyone how I managed to pay $7.75 total for 30 gallons of gas that filled my Chevy Suburban. Let me first start out by saying,”Oh my f*&^%in’ God,” what a time I had planning and executing this shopping trip,.All with the goal of getting free to next to free gas. As Michelle has said, it costs us both well over $100.oo to fill our gas tanks.I spent the better part of one day just clipping all of the stacks of coupon inserts I had. Then I organized & put them away in my coupon holders.( By the way, I am researching and trying to make my very own “Extreme couponing” binder to get better organized.)The next day, I spent a lot of time planning my 13 different transactions to take advantage of the Tops”coupon doublers”. Yes, this took place 2 weeks ago, but I cannot find the time to write it about it in this blog, but since Michelle asked me to, I will. I cannot tell you exactly how I split these orders but I can say that I paid roughly $80.00 on over $200.00 worth of groceries and with each transaction I earned tons of gas points. I had already earned $1.30 off from a previous shopping trip and with this trip I earned $2.20 more off gas for a total of $3.50 off gas. I paid $.259 per gallon x 30 gallons= $7.75. Mind you, I have a ton of Pepsi products piled in my garage, which will come in handy for future family gatherings and parties. I must admit, I have slacked off these past 2 weeks because I am scarred emotionally. It was such a stressful shopping excursion because I had to bring along my three kids, ages 6,5 & 2 so one can only imagine the nightmare that was! We made it through though. I was ready to pull my hair out, but we made it through. I think the cashier wanted to kill me after all 13 transactions because I knew how much each order would cost me and when it didn’t equal my total, I asked her to do it again. This happened at least three times. So, when it was all over,( about 30 minutes later,) I left the store, loaded the kids and my tons of groceries into the car. Next, time to fill my gas tank!!!!! Yikes, where’s my bonus card????? I searched each and every bag, but could NOT find it. Time to unload all 3 kids from their carseats, as I shouted out inappropriate expletives!!!! We went back to the same cashier, (who must’ve said to herself) “Oh no, not her again!” I said, “Please tell me you have my bonuscard.” Her reply,”NO, maam.” If I could have had a major meltdown, right there in the middle of TOPS, this would have been my time to show the world my frustration! I was sent to customer service, where, Thank God, they were able to add all 3500 points that I worked so hard for, onto my new card. So, there it is, my story in a nutshell. I’ve been trying to decide if this was all worth it, but of course it was. I’ve saved over 60% on our grocery bills since I started using coupons. It’s only going to get easier once I get organized, and find a good time to shop (without the kids). Michelle, thanks again for showing all of us coupon saavy moms how easy it is to save big buck$$$$$. Oh, by the way, my lost bonuscard was actually on the bottom of one of my grocery bags, hiding under a package of meat. Oops, my bad!

  2. TRACEY – thanks so much for sharing!! In the true spirit of how it all works out, this means I WILL get my computers…right??!!

    Girl – that is so awesome… that is alot of cheap groceries and a practically FREE tank of gas! YOU go girl… this is the last week to earn more points and I am back up to $2.70 again, so hope to hit the $3.50 mark so I earn my second tank of FREE gas this cycle!!

    One last thing girl… 3 kids, you did this shopping with all three of your kids?? Are you outta your mind?????? I can’t do it with one at a time… you are now my hero!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Let’s all go on strike from Walmart! I am sooo sick of that place anyway! Customer service there is a J-O-K-E! One year I had to buy 4, yes 4 cameras there just to get one that worked!

  4. I know JFB – I could have paid triple for the darn laptop if you factor in my driving, my time, my gas and my stress… Starting to truly believe walmart is not worth it!!!!

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