Wrap it up Wednesday, Tales of a Tabasco Hoarder

Wrap it up Wednesday… some further random thoughts and points to make regarding the shopping and deals this week…

  • I have been asked 17 hundred gazillion times what I am possibly going to do with 24 bottles of Tabasco, and if I got it just because it was free?  NO – I got it because by doing so I used 24 coupons that equated to 240 gas points which equates to $7.20 off my gas fill up.  So FREE Tabasco – which I share  – actually earned me $7.20!!  This is the beauty of the deal my friends!!
  • Did I mention that I filled my tank TWICE in the past 5 weeks for FREE at Tops?  Two times 30 gallons at $3.75 ( ave. cost ) = $225.00 FREE!  That is better than a part-time income for some… and sure helps our family out!!!
  • I also got 48 packs of UP2U gum at Rite-aid FREE this week.  Funny thing, while I was there, there were two other woman doing the exact same thing…scary!!
  • I stopped at CVS again for more of that ILLY coffee drink and at the magic coupon machine I received a $20 ECB for the BEAUTY BONUS and amazing deal I did on Sunday…  WOW – HUGE moneymaker now, this is Christmas money people!!
  • Did you see the sale on Libby’s Vegetables at Dollar General?  Canned vegetables end up being .25/can and that is better than the base stock up price.  The best idea though;  price match the DG ad at Wal-mart and stock up from there.  Here is the deal:  Libby’s Canned Vegetables are 2/$1, USE $1/4 Libby’s Canned Vegetables from RP 08/28/11, exp. 12/30/11 = $0.25 each after Coupon and Sale!
  • Finally, just a reminder about the sale prices on boneless, skinless chicken breast this week… Save-a-lot is .99/# and Aldi’s is .89/#… Cheapest EVER!!  Again, if you are not going to either of these stores or if you do and they have limited stock, simply price-match the ads at Wal-mart.
  • AND –  I will KILL any one of you that I see paying $2.69/# for chicken breast next week – count on it!! 

~ Love and all that good stuff, the Tabasco Hoarder


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  1. Hi my name is Ida and I am a tabasco hoarder, lol.

    We actually go through a lot of the green tabasco, So I am very happy to get paid to buy it 🙂

    Did you get any rc’s, there are tp coupons out there for .75/1 that don’t expire until 2/29/12, I have been using these slowly at Wegman’s but now that I have a rc I will use them at Tops when the gas points start up again.

    I got two free tanks too, I still have .20cents to use by the 12th, hmm, I hate to waiste $6 but it just doesn’t seem worth getting 30gals to just save $6.

    • As the support group says in Unison, “Hi Ida”… Just grabbed the GREEN to try this time. I did not get a rain check because I used all the q’s I had and I am in the same boat with the gas points… Exactly .20 left over – BLECH, not worth the trip – hahaha

      Now I am diligently searching out deals to go for 3 tanks next cycle – are you with me???

  2. Yes!! I am with you! I am thinking it is time to pull out the big coupons. I have some coupons for free products that I have been holding on to, for that special deal. I am thinking next gas period will be the time to use them, most expire 12/31 anyway. The up coming zone perfect coupon .55/1 looks like a good one to get for gas points. Tops always runs $1 sales on the energy bars.

    • Ida – I am hoping for “dollar doublers” during the first week of gas points as I have 25 more stupid Dr Pepper Freebies to use… I forgot about them last week and they can make my $8 order = $15 no problem! Love the Balance Bars for that as well… if the stars align – hahaha Last time I got a FREE tank that “doubler” week and hardly spent anything…it was AWESOME!! Looking forward to the 13th – I do not even want to go to Tops until then – LOL!!!! Let’s keep a running tally – this will be fun… I’m going to make a sticky note post to stay at the Top of this Blog for all the readers and all the comments on gas points – if I ever figure out how to do that, that is!! LOL Thanks for the motivation Ida!!

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