Thoughtful Thursday ~

UPDATE:  See comments, my new BFF Heather just saved my life!!  Thanks Heather!!

  • So far, I am very un-impressed with the Black Friday ads… and this is a huge disappointment to me since I LOVE shopping on Black Friday!  …and as I said, I have most of Santa’s shopping done, for the first time ever, and this year it was going to be all about ME!!!!
  • I do like the deals at Rite-aid and CVS on Black Friday, though!
  • I am also NOT impressed with the Tops deals next week on the first week back to gas points… and I want to remind you to buy the chicken breast this week while it’s .99/# – next week it is on SALE for 1.99/#….  SEE??!!
  • I really want to find a killer deal on a Keurig and a Kitchenaide Mixer.
  • I want the Keurig so I can get Dunkin Donut K-cups!
  • I want the RED Kitchenaide, mostly as a decoration!!
  • I do not understand why the Plasma TV has such a bad name…?
  • I am excited that we are supposed to have one more nice weekend, and that we are going to a Ham and Turkey Raffle – where we will probably win a small turkey to the tune of $50 worth of tickets…LOL
  • I keep thinking that by having three very good friends that are professional photographers, a new family photo will magically appear. 
  • I also hope that same “foto-fairy” purchased cute outfits for my whole family to look “Step-Ford” in for our new photo!!  PS – We will need a nice frame as well…
  • If I cleaned my room, I might just find clothes for the family photo…should there ever be one…
  • I also keep thinking that by having a BFF that is a professional organizer, my home will get organized – without letting her in to see my clutter…LOL
  • I have 27 items on my ‘menu’ for Thanksgiving and that is just too many!
  • Thanksgiving is TRULY my favorite holiday!!
  • I keep a running list of things I am thankful for and I read and change it regularly!!
  • I do not know what to get “the Daddy” for Christmas… but I do know that man deserves something special!!  (See, it’s not always all about me!!)
  • Both of my older children were running for a student council position (4th and 5th grades) and neither one won…  my heart broke in a million pieces – AGAIN!!!!!!!  It really, really hurts!
  • My third child is having a rough time in school – he is being a BAD boy…I totally think a Keurig would help!!
  • I am so busy at work – beyond busy,  but am off until Monday so, I do not care!!
  • Tonight, my Girl Scout Troop is doing a cooking class and we are making Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuits…and also having a chocolate fondue – with a fruit plate of course!! 
  • I still have 300 boxes of GS cookies to deliver, but I am stuck to the computer like glue…  Again – I totally think a Keurig would help!!

 …and you??????


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  1. You never fail to keep me entertained..
    Book me for a family photo & the organizer.. lol
    Sorry about the kids.. BUM- MER!! Maybe you should start teaching them some of your sales skills…
    Thank God you’ve solved the Kreuig issue.. but are you really going to PAY for those k cups??

    • Thanks Pretty… I guess I probably took it harder than the kids… they were over it after the first day – AND I have been trying to teach them all some SKILZ since forever, dont know where I am going wrong… LOL Okay – off to find CHEAP K cups!! (Its the company coffee!!)

  2. You crack me up. BTW if you let your organizer friend’s intern in first your clutter would be lessened before your BFF came in and you would also find the clothes to wear to your photo shoot which would save you money to buy your red mixer!
    PS I am SOOO sad for the kids. Everyone that did not vote for them is a LOOSER!!!! LOL

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