Thoughtful Thursday ~



So – I am in a little bit of a rut this week…  having a ‘situation’ (daily) and I NEED to do something about it, but no matter what plan I come up with I find too many faults with my plan…  Feels like a no win situation and I do NOT agree, I am NOT happy and there must be a fix!!  So tell me… in this crazy sounding situation… what would you do??


In other news…  and my crazy thoughts…  I have a “REAL” job and I have a minimal part time job (LOVE)…  I am on the ‘Coupon Quest of America’ and have started this Blog…  I am my daughter’s Girl Scout leader and we are all involved in my son’s cub scouts…  Both of my older kid’s are in after school activities and both are in different sports… The “baby” went off to kindergarten…  I wonder when “it” is going to slow down – I mean I can NOT get my laundry done –  YET I truly FEAR “it” slowing down…  Know what I mean??


Can you remember being a kid and waiting for something – FOREVER??  Like my Grandparents lived 2 hours away and they always called when they were leaving to come visit – which was only like twice per year because 2 hours was FAR then…  Anyhow that 2 hours took FOREVER in my mind, just like waiting for Christmas and Summer Vacation…  I am very scared by the fact that just ‘yesterday’ it was December 26th, 2010 and I was sad because it was a whole year before I could experience the wonder of the holidays again… well, here it is and I have no idea where the year went…  WOW – if time is going this fast now, what is to come??  I think this is my biggest FEAR… well this and FEET (other people’s, not mine –mine are nice feet) – blech!!




Tops is not enticing me next week and that is okay since I had a pretty good week there this week.  I got a HUGE turkey, and I may go back for one more (if I can find somewhere to put it) since I do NOT see the same great .49# deal next week – ALERT – be sure you get your CHEAP turkey by Sat. night!!  Anyhow, I stocked up on paper plates and got most of the deals listed, and I used some saved FREE coupons to earn more gas credit.  I am up to $1.00 off in gas points already – first week!!


Rite-aid – hmmm – I did find this great deal to add to my Freebies there this week:  Almay Eye Remover Pads are B1G1 50% off.  That = $8.25 ($5.50 and $2.75), get $8 UP reward and submit for $2 SCR…  nice MoneyMaker!!  Also Rite aid is showing some promise with overlapping regular deals and some for Black Friday next week…  Unsure how this will pan out, but I will keep you posted!!


The CVS Deals for next week (the NON Black Friday deals)….  WOW…  I am definitely going to have to hit CVS at the beginning of the week – like late Sat. night, which is all good because I am going to do a few price checks and prepare myself for the opening on Thanksgiving day!  I may be more excited about CVS than any other store for BLACK FRIDAY deals – which actually do start on Thanksgiving!!  Big question is how and when do I fit the meal in?? 


No – seriously, when am I going to cook?  And where am I putting 21 people again??  And what in the world do I do with my coupons that seem to DOMINATE the entire dining room table when it is not in use, like ever… since my family of five hovers around the 2-foot round table to fight eat. 


STAY TUNED as the deals for next week are listed….



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  1. IMO

    skip tops and the grocery stores
    get only what you need for next week lined up

    prep food Wednesday nite so you can leave for an hour Thursday am. put all the food you will need for Thanksgiving in one place such as a bin.

    sort clothes into loads
    put load in am or pm and dryer in the am or pm
    pack them in loads and head to the laundromat hopefully with a friend. All will be done and folded within 2 hours.

    locate the foot spray for the stinky feet. Keep it in an easily accessible place. Mine is under the kitchen sink.

    locate the coupons you need for next week and layer the rest in a box and set aside….your family is more important than your coupons. maybe you need a table in the basement for the coupons.

    can you set up a collapsible table for turkey day? (one that doesn’t collapse) Enjoy all the family packed in the house. You are making memories.

    Think about all the happy moments and what you have accomplished this year. Besides everything-else you have started a blog and improved your couponing skills. WOW

    the situation… this the time to deal with it? You are sounding more crazed than usual right now:)

    Trust me….there will be many, many more life adventures for you……some nice and some not so nice……you have to learn to enjoy them all! Some things you can change and some you can’t. Some things you can’t do a @#$% thing about. You can control your attitude!

    been there
    can laugh at myself:)

    • aghaaaa Wendy, “You are sounding more crazed than usual right now:)”…. I KNOW… Iam feeling more crazed!! But that is life and that is okay… Thank you my friend! (Hey wanna go to the laundromat with me??) THANK YOU!!!!!!

  2. Sure, I’ll meet you at the laundromat! LOL

    I’m so jealous of your energy!

    So, glad I got to meet you!

  3. Right back at you girl!! I have made some awesome new friends here (and through Ann)AND that is AWESOME!!

    PS – BTW, I work WEDS nights so cant prep then… see my stress – hahaha

  4. BTW the .49 turkey deal is on through 11/24- it was mentioned in this weeks ad, even though they don’t remind us in next weeks. HTH 🙂

  5. I know how you are feeling, I have family visiting from oot coming in on Wednesday and staying until Saturday. I am hoping I get a couple of hours Thur morning to at least go to CVS. The way I am feeling right now I may just skip shopping all together. I matched my coupons have them all set I figured out the items I would get …..I would be making about $16 + free stuff that I don’t need. Is it worth it probably not. I am thinking I am leaning more on the side of staying home and enjoying family.

  6. You know IDA, it is soooo true…. do I NEED anything from CVS on Thursday?? PROBABLY NOT!! I am gonna let the stress go and let what will happen – happen!! Enjoy the day my friend!!

  7. Enjoy your family this Thanksgiving Michelle! Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂 Yes, what do we really need at a store that day? We can just use our stockpile.

  8. Thanks Lea Ann – I will enjoy! You too!!

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