Sunday Plans…

My to-do list, the only way I stay on task is to document it all up…

OR alternatively, why can’t I just sit and surf the net and watch the Bill’s game….  YEAH RIGHT!!

Today’s Shopping – Josh, the party animal of the house, has another birthday party to go today; I will take him to TF Brown’s and hit JCPenney’s (coat exchange), Tops, CVS and Rite-aid before picking him backup then picking up Lu who also spent the night at a friends last night….

Today’s Cleaning – GOTTA hoe-out the coupon mess I have sprawled across my dining room table…  gonna need that table this week!!  Also still attacking the mountain of laundry we consistantly fall behind on, seriously thinking I should go to the laundromat to get caught up for once but I do not have the time to even go there… UGH….  I really hate the cleaning and maintenance of life – I truly think a cleaning lady would be the best investment I could make… advice??

Today’s Cooking – I have the Thanksgiving menu all set, and Kerry has requested Shepard’s Pie for dinner tonight – with fresh baked rolls…  Have a lasagna frozen to throw in tomorrow night since it is a scout night.  Tuesday will be a big salad with C.O.R.N <Clean, Out, Refridg., Night> and Weds – since I am working, Kerry and kids will have frozen pizza’s – they put all kinds of crazy toppings on and try to gross each other out – hahaha, Glad I miss that!

Today’s WEEK Planning – I am set for my today shopping and plans, but still working on my Black Friday plan of attack – and whether or not I can get out on Thanksgiving day…  Tomorrow is parent-teacher conference at school, and tomorrow night is cub scouts.  Tuesday, K bowls and Weds. night I work…WOW…  I am so excited for this week…  I love Thanksgiving, I love having my whole family around, I love Weds Night work with tons of great friends and an awesome poker game, and I love the Black Friday shopping where I will buy some sort of Christmas decoration to start the decorating process this weekend!!  I have 6 trees to put up this year!!  AND, we are remodeling the living room so really need to hustle to be done for Christmas!  Truly – my favorite week of the year…  CRAZIEST…  but truly AWESOME!!

So – what are your plans today – and for the week??


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  1. We had Thanksgiving today and boy was it good. As far as that cleaning lady idea goes I’m with you. If you find anyone who is looking for cleaning work let me know.

    I aslo will be Black Friday shopping for the first time in a long time.

  2. Hey girl,
    I JUST hired a cleaning company to come in every other week. It is called BioClean and they are cheap! Let me know if you want the contact. I am keeping them through the holidays so I can enjoy the season and not spend it constantly cleaning. They came last week and I have to say it was the BEST gift I ever gave myself. I spent the day wrapping (bc I did not have to clean) and lightened my load by getting 90% of my wrapping done. Then I had the rest of the weekend to spend w friends that are in town. I always thought it was ridiculous to have a cleaning person bc I can do it myself but then realized every other week is enough to do, not to mention ALL the other things like laundry etc that is never ending.
    PS I love the C.O.R.N. acronym
    PPS My new one: J.U.N.K. Just Useless Nonsense we Keep LOL!

    • I happen to have some J.U.N.K – and YES, I have struggled with cleaning for a while now and I always think – ‘how horrible, I should be able to do this myself, I must be lazy…’ NO – I just hate to clean, but i love to work, so why not earn some money to pay someone else to do it…right??!! That way everyone is happy!!

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