Thoughtful Thursday ~ Thankful Edition

Today is truly my most favorite day of the year… I have so much to be thankful for and sometimes it takes this day to make me reflect on all I do have. I am so thankful for:

  • My family – I have the most terrific husband who I am madly in love with and who is truly my best friend and we have three wonderful children who are our whole life!   My son Josh – who is folding laundry right now while I blog – LOL – My daughter Delaney, who is playing with my neice so my SIL can have a break, and my baby Conner, who is the sunshine in all of our lives!  These lucky kids have 4 sets of grandparents as both of our parents have remarried… and although it may appear dysfunctional, it sure works for the kids!! Having all of our Moms and Dads still with us and healthy is all that matters! Also, our brothers and sister and their families especially our beautiful nieces and nephews!! Being all together today is worth more than anything in the world!!
  • My friends – We truly have the most amazing circle of friends ever! So many are friends that we have had since we were young and in school (the benefit of a small town) and now it is awesome to see all of our kids being friends. We have also made many new friends by meeting our kid’s friend’s parents. It used to be that Kerry had his friends, and I had mine… now we have all OUR FRIENDS – and that is awesome!!
  • My job – This is the hard one that I most often have to remember to be thankful for… We are very lucky that Kerry and I both have pretty great government jobs, we have amazing benefits and although we always want for more, we certainly have more than some!!
  • Blogging – for all I have learned and all of the people I have ‘met’…  what an amazing experience so far with much more to come!!
  • My health, and that of my family and friends!
  • My life – while always wanting more, reviewing this list sure makes me remember; if this is all I ever have…            

… I really do have it all!!

*Also thankful for the “auto-post” schedule feature which made it possible for me to get this posted while shopping enjoying my own family on this most awesome day!!


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