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Talk about Random Ramblings….

Wow – Where has the time gone?  Sometimes there just is NOT enough time to do it all and when I had to decide between doing the deals and posting more deals and ramblings, I opted to use up all of my EXP. 10/31 coupons, PSYCHO I tell ya!!   WHEW – some crazy shopping these past few days!!

First – can I just tell you that, “OMG, Walmart called”  and they had my computers… who knew??  Very excited to get these and grabbed CK’s big gift too so now all I have to do on Black Friday is shop for me!!  YEAH me!!!  My question is… Do I pursue the whole WalMart Customer Service thing?  I got the computers now so should I just let it go??

Saturday had us running full force as usual, it was our last football game and then we had a girl scout planning session for our Washington trip.  I am actually very excited for this and SPECIAL THANKS to all who bought cookies…  we sold more than ever this year and now have the candy bar spring sale and a spaghetti dinner fundraiser to look forward too…  YEAH fundraisers = BLECH!!!  But necessary… 🙂

Saturday night we got to ditch all of the kids and I believe I mentioned my HOT DATE night man, we know how to rock it don’t we??!!  I have to tell you that after grabbing all of the goods to match my expiring ‘coupons for gas points’, we actually had to grab a second cart…  I spent a few minutes putting my stuff in groups of 10 so I could maximize my coupon value and mentally tabulated the value and the cost to me.  JUST FOR FUN (I told you, we are rocking the night out) I asked Kerry to just guess how much ALL THESE groceries cost??  I had figured about $250 with a cost of about $25 – I had lots of FREE coupons to use…  Anyhow, spoil sport says, “I don’t know, it’ll probably cost YOU about $20 bucks”… HMMM – Honeymoon is over, the thrill is gone…LOL!!   I said, “Listen here  Mister, this is over $260 worth of groceries… how could you get ALL THIS for only $20”  SPOIL SPORT I tell ya… He must be reading my blog – LOL!!  Well, it was…  TADA:  $279 worth for $21.60!!  AND  I got 1300 BONUS GAS POINTS…  put me at $3.70 off per gallon AGAIN!!  Do you know 1300 gas points = $39.00…  I paid $21.60 to get $39.00 back…  I MADE $17 and got $279 worth of stock!!

What stock you ask…  I know some of you nay-sayers are thinking this is crazy but let me tell you what I got:

28 packages of Turkey Bacon – .20 each

24 Tabasco Sauce – FREE (+overage)

16 Cans of Tuna Fish – FREE

15 2-liters of Dr. Pepper – FREE (+overage)

12 Balance Bars – FREE (+overage)

8 Nestle Quick Milks – .15 each

8 Gravy – $1 each

6 packages of Ore-Ida Frozen Fries, Sweet Potato Crinkles and Tator Tots – $1 each

2 Lg. Ketchup – $2 each {GASP}

2 Packs of the NEW Who-nu Cookies – $1 each

2 Bison Chip Dips – .50 each

And MORE Grapes…

… The grapes alone were almost $5…  I’m just sayin’!!

ALL THAT FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday I took Lula with me on the CVS run of the century… Let me tell you that I also totally rocked the CVS dealsand ended up with over $370 worth of Olay and Cover Girl products AND they gave me a $50 Amex. Gift Card to take it all away!! SERIOUSLY – my best CVS shopping trip EVER!!   (Although nothing quite beats the Tops deals….) I also got some FREE toothbrushes, Crest and American Greetings Cards…  I will post the awesome pics and details later tonight so you can see how I did. 

But, back to the American Greetings Cards… there was this $1 off 3 Couponand you get 3 ECB when you buy 3 AND they have a whole rack of .99 cards; SO… you are being paid $1 to take 3 cards out of CVS.  Perfect time to stock up on simple Birthday cards, nice Thank you or Congratulation cards, or even Sympathy cards.  If you have a card stash in your desk, you will not be forced to spend $3.99 on a card in a hurry.  This is the second time in a one month span that CVS has offered this deal… SO I am saying, “Get the FREE cards”!!  And NO I do not work for American Greetings…

We had to throw carving pumpkins and getting the Halloween costumes finished into the crazy weekend too and all this led to me never quite finishing a meal plan for the week… yesterday Josh asked me where the meal plan was – I usually post it with the weeks calendar on my fridge – and I told him that I just had not finished it yet…  He looked at me all wide-eyed and said, “Well how are we going to know what to eat??”  AND then the EVIL coupon mama said:

Have some turkey bacon kid… You’ll be all right!!!!!!!