Thoughtful Thursday

If last week’s Thoughtful Thursday was the ‘Thankful edition…  This week  we may beginning the ‘Greed’ edition… LOL…  IT’S CHRISTMAS – YEAH!!!!!!!

First off, sorry for the delayed (missing) updates…  crazy week here folks and as I am sure is the case in most of your lives, it’s about to get crazier throughout the month.  After my marathon, 22 hour shopping spree over Black Friday, I have not set foot in a store yet…so I do not even have Rite-aid or CVS updates for you… however, just today I got a lovely bonus coupon from Tops for $5 off a $35 purchase… that will help with some deals…  need one??  Top’s Super Coupon

Speaking of Tops, next week appears to be a “baking supply” week, so I am looking to find all of the coupons I can now…  Here is a link to Nestle (mmmm….chocolate chips) to start, who has others??

Well now, speaking of baking supplies, I am starting the “perfect cookie tray pursuit” again!!  We make lots of goodies and I love to see what others do as well…  So far our plan is:

  • Cut-outs (I use my grandma’s recipe, but sadly I do not really love them – I mean I still eat 857 a couple but, you know what I really, really love?  The Betty Crocker bag mix… they make the sweetest yummiest sugar cookies – a little crisp!!  I have googled and failed in finding a homemade recipe that tastes like that mix does!  Anyone???)
  • Soft drop chocolate chip cookies (cream cheese recipe)
  • M&M Cookies and Rolo Cookies (both use a sugar cookie base)
  • Peanut Butter Blossoms (you know, the Hershey kiss cookie)
  • Peppermint Meringues – my favorite!!
  • Hello Dollys (Magic Bars)
  • Meatball Cookies
  • Peanut Butter Balls (Buckeye’s) but with the Krispys in them…
  • Chocolate Wonders (Marshmellow and fudge frosting)

I max out at 10 kinds, but am sadly missing gingerbread or molasses but have tried many kinds and do not have a recipe that I love yet, so…

*EVA GRAHAM, I had gingerbread cookies at your house once that were awesome… do you have a recipe??

I should really just organize a cookie exchange… sure would be easier, wouldn’t it??


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  1. I would offer my kitchen this weekend in return for help baking cookies w a pro!

  2. JFB – do you have a pro in mind to come teach us all?? LOL We should have totally planned that… a few girls, a little wine and knock out tons of cookies all at once!!

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