Rite-aid ~ week of 12/18/11

Rite-aid is looking pretty good again, and surely will be my first stop on Sunday!

 I am thinking of stocking stuffers: gum, ice breakers, candy bars… and I will grab some more spinbrushes as those are hot items in my “stockpile steal” that occurs over the holidays – although I need some BOY ones!!

I asked and received another flu booklet, so I will grab another moneymaker Lysol Healthy Touch Hand System and if I am seeing correctly there will be an in-ad coupon for Bayer that when paired with a man. Coupon, will also be a money maker! 

They are also offering the Vivitar Digital Video Recorder for a killer price of $14.99 so that will complete another gift item check off my list. 

Continuing the Season of Savings, You can get $60 worth of Aleve and vitamins for about $20…  Great deal if these are items you buy anyhow…   

So – get to Rite-aid – what are you waiting for?? 


Gum:  Big Red, Juicy Fruit, DoubleMint or Orbit – $1

Get $1 UP reward

= FREE (Limit 3)


Ice Breakers – Buy 2 @ $1.50 each

-$1/2 video value coupon

Get $2 UP reward (WYB 2)



CandyBars  – 2/$1

-$1/2 from Dec All You

Or -$1/2 Reeses video value coupon



Lysol Healthy Touch Hand Soap – $7.99

-.75 printable

-$5 video value coupon

Get $3 UP reward

 = FREE (limit 4) * even better, a MONEYMAKER if you grab a coupon and/or still have a flu booklet – ask for one now!!


Bayer Aspirin -$3.99

-$2 (9/11 RP)

-$3 In-ad coupon

= FREE and could be a MoneyMaker!


-$2 Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Toothbrush printable coupon

Get $5 UP reward when you spend $10

 = less than $1 each??


Vivatar Digital Video Recorder w/ Flip Style Viewer – $24.99

Get $5 UP reward (limit 2)
Also Get Back $5 SCR (limit 1)
= $14.99 (They were $19.99 everywhere on Black Friday)


Get $10 UP reward when you buy 2 @ 2/$30:  Aleve, Citracal, Flintstones Vitamins, One a Day Vitamins or Phillips Probiotics (Limit 2)

  • Some of these items also qualify for Season of Savings, spend $50 get $10 UP reward.
  • So the idea will be to spend $60, get $30 UP rewards back and use as many coupons as possible to reduce the remaining $30… Looks like a maximum of $10 in Q’s so final cost would be $20 for $60 worth of product…  Great deal if these are things you buy anyhow!! (Not a couponers dream though!!)

Here are the coupons to use:

Aleve (40ct+, excludes Aleve D) $2 or $5/2 (12/4 RP)

Flintstones Multivitamin $2 (10/23 RP )
One A Day Adult or Teen Multivitamin Product $2 or $5/2 (12/4 RP )
Phillips Colon Health $4 (10/23 RP )


Not bad Rite-aid…even in the JUNK MONTH for couponing!  Let’s not even talk about my true love TOPS…  UGH!!!  Onward ~



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