Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan


Sunday (Today) From last week’s plan:  LASAGNA – Made a whole pot of sauce, enough to freeze half for next time I need sauce…and made a huge lasagna so I could freeze half for a quick weeknight meal. 


Monday:  Pork Roast, smashed potatoes, string beans – HOLIDAY = Day off, so will prep. the pot pie for Tuesday as well.


Tuesday:  Chicken Pot Pie


Wednesday:  LEFTOVERS or Grandma’s Meal…  cuz the Mama works!!


Thursday:  Pulled Pork Sandwiches (from the large roast Monday), Tator Tots and Peas


Friday:  Baked Mac N Cheese (Have a new recipe with Gouda), Fried Chicken – TOPS DEAL with a veggie stir fry


Saturday:  All day Basketball = OUT for Pizza…  PROBABLY


Sunday Plan:  Turkey Dinner, Lg. one with lots of meat to use next week…


Except for the Gouda, I have EVERYTHING on this list, so nice to cook hearty meals all from my stash!!

What are you eating this week??




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