Thoughtful Thursday

Bad Blogger, Bad Deal Do-er, Bad Gambler (not a good poker week either J)…just a BAD week!!  LOL

Do you ever just have one of those weeks??  SERIOUSLY…GRRRRRR!!!  But the only way to turn it around is to TURN IT AROUND!!!

So I started scoping deals for next week and although TOPS is not a favorite during the non-gas points weeks, I see a few good deals that I am working on putting together.  I love that I have a new “friend” Jennifer who scans and posts the Tops ads early for us…  Have you checked her out yet at Simply Family Savings?  She also started a new Facebook page so LIKE HER!!  THANKS Jennifer!!

Looking to CVS, I will tell you that you can grab you some FREE Estroven (a $9.99 value) – my good friend J told me “No Michelle, you don’t need Estroven yet…” so since J is so nice, I will still get the freebie for her!!  CVS is continuing the “Get $10 WYB $30” deal, so we will see if there are any awesome deals there and I do see some SCHICK, REVLON and LISTERINE deals so stay posted!!

Looks like Rite-aid will be my favorite next week and that is because I am almost at my FREE $20 for spending $100 on BUY and SAVE this month…. Mind you I have not spent a penny out of pocket at Rite-aid so far but have accumulated almost $100 with my ‘amazing couponing skilz’!!  hahaha – Anyhow, this week – for my friends needing the Estroven from CVS (and anyone else-of course), you can also MAKE MONEY on KY at Rite-aid this week….as well as Mentos gum!  You can also get finesse super cheap along with Honey Bunches of Oats and Fiji Water!!  Yeah Rite-aid for being the anticipated winner in my savings quest this next week!!

Okay there it is, starting a plan for next week!  I am off work tomorrow but have some serious appetizer making to do for a great friend’s retirement party… any suggestions??  So bored with the same old –same old and although I love perusing recipes, I just want a tried and true winner…  Do tell!!

Also – all three kid’s have PROJECTS coming due… you know the ones – the one’s the parents basically have to do…  Josh has a state to cover/term paper and his state is KANSAS….  (Mr. and/or Mrs Ouweleen???  Any input???)  Delaney has to report and create a file on an ANIMAL she finds cool… but the project is making a cereal box into the report and including additional material in the box…lalalala…  I have never looked up so much detail on the internet in my life!!  Then there’s my little Conner, with the kindergarten 100 items for 100 days project…  Oh what to accumulate?  How about a file with 100 coupons??  At least my work won’t be in vain!!  Maybe I will send 100 pieces of candy – FOR EACH KID – then maybe I won’t have to do any more projects!!!!  Someone send me to my room – PLEASE – I totally need a “time-out”!!!!!!

AND finally (for now) I am also super excited to have been asked to speak to an amazing group about “couponing” and I am starting my detailed “how-to” 101 type series…  I figured the best place to start for NEW people is to learn the LINGO…  Do you agree??  I am working on a detailed list and would love any and all suggestions for that as well….  If you are new to couponing what do you want to know??  If you are not new to couponing, can you remember what was or is the most helpful to you??

Okay – homework for all….  I need an amazing appetizer, I need details on KANSAS, I need an EXCITING animal to report on, I need 100 items that would interest kindergarteners,  and I need ideas and points for my couponing “talk”…  Lay it on me!!



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  1. How about a lego creation with 100 parts? Been there…done that!

  2. I maek a really good shrimp dip and its super easy! Take cream softened cream cheese and spread in bottom of like a small casserole dish. Then put cocktail sauce and the baby shrimp on top. I use 2-3 cream cheese depending on size of dish, Almost a full bottle of cocktail sauce and one of those $5 bags of shrimp from Walmart. Garnish with dill or parsley. Serve cold with crackers. I use the Flipsides where one side is pretzel and the other is cracker. Super yummy!

  3. Appetizer: Clams Casino dip: use any recipe for clams casino, add minced clams, put in a casserole dish, top with parmesian (if you wish), bake and serve with crackers. Easy Peasy

    Kansas: Toto and Dorothy – got nothin!

    Animal: Ostrich, really, check them out.

    100 BUGS!!!!!

  4. I am new to couponing and I have so many questions I don’t know where to start! 1. Do you shop every day or once/twice a week. 2. How many stores? 3. What are your favorite stores that you find the best deals. 4. Are there stores that don’t seem to correlate with any sales/coupons. such as wegmans, etc.? 5. What would you suggest to get started on? 6. I know this might be a bad excuse but i’m a stay at home mom and homeschool. Going out to run to this store and that store to get deals seems like a waste of gas. Do you see a benefit to doing that where you are making more money that spending in gas? 7. I guess I’m just so scared to even start that there is this paralysis of even starting. Or trying to remember that I will be spending money and not getting everything for free.
    I know there is no such thing as a stupid question but sometimes I feel that these are. These questions might be what others have and not ask so I’m hopefully doing it for them. THis is also my first time on your blog so I will add this to my other followings. Thanks so much!

  5. Thanks for the recipes girls!! And welcome Lisaanne… follow along and we will get you going with the coupons! Biggest thing ks to make a commitment to it!!

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