WELCOME new friends!

HI – If you are visiting here for the first time because of meeting me last night, I am soooo honored!  For those that don’t know, I did a little talk about couponing FOR REAL for G.L.O.W. at the YWCA in Batavia last night!  So many awesome people came out to check it out and I met so many amazing people that are interested in couponing.  I have had alot of inquiries already and am so excited that others are so interested in couponing the REAL way too!  Please leave me a comment, let me know what you want to know about this couponing gig – and if I don’t have the answer, I’ll find it out!

On a side note, I am looking into changing up my blog and creating a FACEBOOK page for the blog itself…  in the mean time, PLEASE facebook friend me using  MICHELLE MORTON KELSEY and go ahead and sign up for automatic emails – right over there on the left!!

My email is: mkkelsey@ymail.com

AGAIN, Thank You all and WELCOME, Let’s ROCK this!!!!!!!



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  1. Jessica Bathrick

    Okay Michelle I do have a few quick questions for you. So you mentioned that CVS rolls over their prices at 4pm on Saturday afternoon. Now this means that from 4pm until close on Saturday you can get this weeks sales AND next weeks sales right? Also when does TOPS roll over their prices and again the same question applies there as well, when they roll over do you get this week’s and next week’s sale prices?

    • Hi Jessica… YES essentially what you are saying is true…. CVS does roll early, but of course there is NO SET TIME! I mentioned I have seen it as early as 4PM, but NO GUARANTEE!! And once it is rolled, until the close of business that day you can get both weeks deals!! My Tops closes at 10pm, so they do not roll over until they open on Sunday am… I am not sure about the 24 hour Tops – anyone know?? The thing to keep in mind though is that they do not have to honor any sales ads for Sunday on Saturday, so if something does not work, you have no recourse…. nor should you even “fuss” because we want to STAY UNDER THE RADAR!!!! LOL – sometimes it works out really well though!! Thanks for asking, okay I am onto finishing my write ups for tomorrow!!

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