SUPER Sunday…. The BIG game!!

Sunday Funday… It’s the Super Bowl and since I do not care about it this year the kids are getting older and are into it, we are having just a fun family party.

We put up a little table in the middle of the living room for all of our snacks and the blender is ready to go for the milkshakes.  A little baking will happen in the am, and then I will settle in to watch the commercials big game!

Here is our Menu – Super Bowl Snacks

Chicken Wing Dip

Taco Dip

Cheesy Hot Taco Dip

Sausage Bread

Pizza Bread


Football Sugar Cookies

Cream Cheese Brownies


What are you doing for the big game?  Favorite game night snack??



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  1. Where you been girl???????

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