I just got paid $5.50 at Rite-aid…. and Got $30 worth of goods FREE!!!

SECRET DEAL – NOT ADVERTISED, but what just happened for me at Rite-aid:

I just got – BONUS: Spend $25 on Thermacare, Advil and Colgate, Get a $10 UP reward…

I bought 2 Thermacare at 2/$12 – (2) $3 printable coupons = -6

2 Colgate Optic White at $3.99 / $8 – (2) $1 coupons = – 2

2 Advil at $4.99 / $10 – (2) $2 coupons = -4

= $18 Cost (Of course I used UP rewards I already had) – I got back: (2) $4 UP from Thermacare, (2) $1.75 UP from Colgate, (2) $1 UP from Advil and a $10 UP from “Gift of the Gods – Unadvertised Crazy Deal”…. WHO KNEW – ??  Plus the Advil and Colgate both added on to my BUY and SAVE running total – adding another $17.96 to my Buy $100 get $20 UP running total….

Spent $18, Got $23.50 Back… Almost $30 worth of GREAT products FREE and THEY PAID ME $5.50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*I have no idea if this will continue to work or not as it is not advertised, but it sure was a killer deal and I had to pass it along!!


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  1. It worked at the Albion store,Thank You so much.

  2. Yeah Cheryl – I am so glad, that was a killer deal!!!

  3. I miss Rite Aid and need to get my butt back in the game…

    Off topic but who is in charge of the Spring Bloggerpalooza ? 🙂

  4. haha Jennifer – You can’t claim “not it” when there are only two people playin’ and I said it first… you just didn’t hear me – LOL!!!!!!!

    MMMMOOOOOMMMMMMMMM….I’m tellin’!!!!!!!!!!

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