It’s still on…. $10 UP at RA!!


Having been reading up on all of the blogs today I am coming across many updates in regard to the continued SPECIAL: $10 UP when you buy $25 Colgate/Thermacare/Advil – apparently it is a month long special…

It works really well this week with the Colgate deals already mentioned:

4 Colgate toothpaste (various) @ $3.50 each = $14.00,-$4 ($1 Q’s) = $10 / Get (4 x $3.50) $14 UP rewards!! 

*you are ahead $4 because of the coupons and you can use that $4 towards the toothbrushes. Even if you do not have the coupons, it’s okay…keep going!!  Seriously, buy the toothpaste one at a time – use the UP reward from the first tube to buy the second and so on….

4 Colgate 360 toothbrushes @ $2.49 each = $9.96 / Get (4 x $1.50) $6 UP rewards!!

See – you are getting 4 toothpastes and 4 toothbrushes for FREE overall and you have $23.96 of the $25 needed to get the $10 BONUS…

So it has been suggested you purchase – 1 Colgate Plus toothbrush @ $1.99  and now your COLGATE total is: $25.95….

You pay for the $2 toothbrush and get a $10 BONUS  UP rewardyou just made $8!!  AND you have over $25 worth of Colgate goods FREE!!  

*Even if you do not have the 4 coupons for the toothpaste, you can still do the full deal, get everything FREE and make $4!!!!!!!!!

 Added Bonus – your total will also apply to the BUY and SAVE Winter Reward. You don’t have to buy them all in one transaction, they track. You can split them up so that you don’t have to put alot of money out of pocket or wind up with a big pile of ups …  totally up to you!! 

SHOP – SHOP – SHOP!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Thanks for the post! I was planning on buying the four “free” toothpastes today, and also had rain checks for the optic white to use. If I wouldn’t have read your post today, I would have boughten $23.96 worth of Colgate without knowing what I was missing. All it took was adding one toothbrush and ta-da – Out printed a bonus $10 up – yippee!

  2. SO I had Josh pick me up two papers in Batavia on Sunday bc Attica papers NEVER has Red Plum inserts anymore. I open up the papers and ZERO inserts in both papers! This is getting so old…did anyone else get the Buffalo News this week?

  3. Girl – that is horrible!! I just bought two Batavia Daily’s because they are cheaper and I knew there was only the one insert… BUT – I NEVER buy/leave without checking to make sure the coupon(s) are in the paper… more times than not, they are not in there and I have to trade my paper for another… ALWAYS check!!! It’s the only way!!!

  4. Thanks for the tip on 10 up. So I checked at the bottom of my receipt and had 8 towards the 25 needed. I purchased 3 toothpaste and 3 toothbrushes. Then no 10 up printed and missing 2 of the 3.50 ups for toothpaste. Now I need to call to request my ups. Does that happen to anyone else?

  5. I do check but forgot to tell the hubby to do so…now he knows.

  6. If you ever need coupons I always have some! I have 2 places that I take their recycles. I always have more than enough! And u won’t have to spend a penny!

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