Sunday Funday and our Weekly Meal Plan

My day and meal plan got completely thrown to the wind when my Awesome Mama came over bearing an awesome Pork Roast dinner!!  Yummy – and always tastes better when someone else makes it!! 

So – I was “Makin’ Sauce” – which in this busy workin’ frugal house means doctoring up some jarred sauce by mixing up three jars of whatever I got on sale, and adding it to saute’d (how do you spell that?  So much for sounding like I know what I am talking about – right??!!) garlic, diced up peppers and onions, a bit of butter and a few tablespoons of sugar.  I then add some meat depending on what I plan to do with the “Sauce”… this is where I de-railed today… I was planning on doing sausage right in the sauce but when the pork appeared, I opted to just throw in some cooked burger so I could use the sauce later this week.

Monday:  BBQ Chicken Speedies *Remember, I made up so much awesome chicken last week, and this is the last of it, it’s all shredded and ready to go.  We just throw it in a pan with BBQ sauce and serve it on buttered, grilled rolls.  We’ll just have some carrot and celery sticks to go with it and of course some chips to make the sammies crunch!  Does anyone else have to put something crunchy on their sandwiches?  Plain chips on BBQ sammies, BBQ chips on turkey sams and pretzels on anything with bologna…  WHAT??  That’s not normal???

Tuesday:  Lasagna Roll-ups, already in our freezer…   I cooked lasagna noodles then rolled them up with cheesy burger filling then popped a bunch in the freezer.  I pull them out as needed, 12 of them in a 9×13 covered with my SAUCE then baked, makes for an awesome “homecooked” lasagna dinner.

Wednesday:  Hot Dogs baked in Baked Beans – a family favorite that is best eaten when I am working on Weds. Nights!!  Although, I will take a dish of left overs to work the next day…  LOL

Thursday:  Boboli and our Favorite Cheeseburger Pizza – Easy Peasy recipe posted on Tasty Tuesday this week!

Friday:  Baked Sausage – Love this with peppers, onions and potatoes in the crock pot.

Saturday:  Another busy day of running, we are going to a benefit for a friend who’s 9 year old had Brain Surgery… I have mentioned it often on facebook and will again here as I am a true believer that no matter what you think or believe, prayers, positive thinking – whatever – PLEASE think of my friend and her sweet son!!!

Sunday:  Planning an awesome Beef Roast dinner with – of course – lots of extra for other dishes next week…

AND – What are you having??


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  1. I’ve never cooked sausage in the crock pot. Do you have to brown it in another pan first?

  2. Hey Dawn – Yes – I always brown my sausage first but then throw it in crock with peppers, onions, quartered potatoes, a 1/2 stick of butter and 2 TBS of sugar sprinkled over all… INCREDIBLE!!!!

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