Sunday Funday and a weekly “meal” plan…

Wow, what a weekend… but where did it go?  Friday, of course, is over before it starts – right??!! 

Saturday was my oldest’s final basketball game and that excites me because it means BASEBALL season and that is our family favorite for sure!!  ALTHOUGH this year, three kids, three different teams and one of them is a first time t-baller… if you have been there you may be feeling my pain – LOL –  You know where the kids are more interested in picking grass than playing ball… makes for a long few hours – hahaha!  Saturday night I got to play in a poker tournament and I won a little bit of money…  I figure anytime I have a night out with great friends, having good food and drinks and I actually make some money rather than spend it, it really is a great night!!

Today – what a beautiful day!  The kids, the dog and my husband all tired themselves out by playing outside… me??  I did 7 loads of laundry and I would love to tell you I hung them outside in the lovely fresh spring air, but then you would have to call me a “liar, liar pants on fire” cuz I never left the house…. UNTIL I ran to Tops to take advantage of some of the great deals posted.  AND I know I am remiss in the TOPS deal postings but hello – 7 loads of laundry – and poker – and shopping – then steaks grilled outside…  can you really blame a girl??

PLUS – I totally feel like I am getting sick… I am drinking OJ and taking vitamins but I have been battling it for a couple weeks and UGH…

Anyhow, I am finalizing my matchups now but seriously needed a break from coupon matchups as my head was spinning.  I decided to finalize the weekly meal plan and it turned into this little post…   so, weekly meals:

Monday:  Tri-town meeting so will need something quick…  We made 2 extra steaks when we grilled and I shaved them thinly so we are shooting for homemade Pittsburgh Steak Salads.  Only problem is I have not found Riveria dressing…anyone??

Tuesday:  Daddy’s Bowling Night so we get BREAKFAST FOR DINNER, the kids will have French Toast and bacon (PLANNED leftovers from Sunday’s brunch – we made a lot of extra because I need bacon for BLT roll ups for a work party treat and for Friday’s subs as BLT is my choice) and I’ll make an omelet!

Wednesday:  My work night so Boiled Dinner for the fam.  This must only be eaten when I am not home!!  And it’s not the cabbage I can’t stand… corned beef, BLECH!!

Thursday:  Scout Night but I can prepare Shake’N’Bake Chicken the night before and then cook and serve with Garlic Noodles (the Lipton Sides – $1 this week and seriously amazing!!) and peas.

Friday:  My day off and I am going to school with Conner – now won’t that be fun??  Then after my nap – LOL, no seriously I am already planning it – a week ahead and I am so excited!! – I’ll grab fresh rolls, lunch meat, cheese and veggies and we’ll have a Make Your Own Sub Night.

Saturday:  Leftover chicken will make an awesome meal of Chicken Stir Fry.  I found this recipe very detailed out on a blog I started reading a few weeks ago:  A Slob Comes Clean  and honestly – wholly cow, is this girl me, upside down…  If you have some cleaning or organizing issues or just want a good laugh, check out her blog!!

Sunday: Time to make SAUCE again and Lasagna Roll-ups are being requested!!

So – what are you having this week?  Anything exciting??


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  1. just found your blog and loving it! thank you!
    Do you post the recipes for your meals as well?

    • Hi Kristina – WELCOME to my HOT MESS – LOL I definately have the goal of linking all of my meals to my recipes and it is a work in progress – hahaha. Thanks for commenting and stick around!!!!

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