Sunday Funday; Weekly Meal Plan

Oh what a weekend it was… could it have been more beautiful – Amazing!!  So many people have already pulled out the shorts and flip flops…  have you?  I wanted to wear flip flops but I did not have time for painting toes  – and we all know THERE IS NOTHING WORSE THAN GROSS TOES!!! 

I am a little concerned with this weather and the fact that we never had winter… weird isn’t it?  I mean – I am very happy with my propane bill this year – but are we gonna have a normal summer? I really love the beautiful summers and I will be so sad if we do not have the typical summer weather… what do you think?

Yesterday was Kid’s Day at “the most amazing yet” Mothertime Marketplace semi-annual consignment sale and I met my new business partner – LOL!  Seriously, have you ever met someone and immediately knew you had a connection…  Jennifer, the beautiful, amazing author of MotherThyme: a cooking and home blog is also a contributing editor for Mothertime Marketplace, with me.  We talked for about 5 hours and made big blog business plans, so check out her amazing blog and stay tuned!!

Today we attended my oldest son’s Blue and Gold Ceremony; this is the ceremony where he – and the 10 other boys in his den – “crossed over” from cub scouts to boy scouts.  It was a great get- together with lots of great families and an awesome spaghetti dinner WITH leftover sauce, enough for a couple of meals…. So it did not matter that I did not make sauce today – COOL!!


Which brings me to the “Weekly Meal Planning”:


Monday   White Sauce Chicken served over Linguini

Tuesday– Pork Roast in Crockpot

Wednesday–  GRANDMA’s dinner night– I’m working and Kerry’s golfing… Probably hotdogs on grill!

Thursday – Pulled Pork Sammies

Friday – Boboli (our favorite cheeseburger pizza J)

Saturday –  Sausage and Potatoes in the Crock

Sunday – Lasagna or Grilled Chicken, weather permitting…  Gotta stay flexible you know!!


So what are you eating this week??


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