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Deals, Round 2: $104.91 worth for only $40.37 AND 200 more Gas Points!!

2 orders  / $48.31 worth of groceries for only $15.77!!

6 cans Hunts Tomatoes, 4 Ketchup, Butter, Milk, $1 Cookie ($28.87, $15 on sale – $4 doublers = $11.00 – $3 OYNO Cat. = $8!!)

2 wipes, Special K crackers, apples, milk, butter ($19.44 – $11.59 = $7.77!!)

2 orders  / $34.72 worth of groceries for only $18.02!!

Then, two more of the exact same orders:  LG. Fake Butter, Bag of apples, Can of Baked Beans, Go-Gurt ($17.36 – $8.35 = $9.01!)

* But look at that REAL food – whooHoo!!

1 orders  / $21.88 worth of groceries for only $6.58!!

Final order of the day:  Bagels, Eggs, Noodles, Ricotta, 1lb. Ham, 1/2lb. salami ($21.88 – $15.30 = $6.58!)

* The ham and salami was $10 alone and FYI, Sahlen’s Ham at $4.99/lb is a KILLER DEAL!!


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After 2 days shopping I have scored $213.65 for only $80.84 (That is a savings of more than 60%!!) and I have another 600 Gas Points (valued at $18)!!  Can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings!

Now tell me how your shopping is going… 


Sunday Funday, Week-end Wrap Up and Meal Plan

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Okay, so the weekend…  What a GREAT weekend we had, REALLY!!  Friday was suppossed to be a POKER night but we had some friends stop by and they CARED about my coupons and stockpile so I ended up showing off all night – LOL!!

Saturday started with our first baseball scrimmage – our boys vs. our boys…  ALL the boys did so awesome and it was actually fun to see the coaches helping them all!!  I think we are gonna have an awesome season…  Go TRI-TOWN!!

Then I joined some fun peeps for a CPR training class… that’s right, I totally know how to rock a good time!!  Hahaha –  Apparently, since we are reinstating football and cheerleading in our youth programs, ANYONE involved has to have this training!  Somehow I have myself “involved”…  but seriously  the class was very informative and I learned alot!!  One of those things that every person and certainly every parent should do…  it really was worth it!  BUT – gawd help us all if I am in charge of any emergency….LOL…  That’s right, trust me with your kid’s why don’t you?!!  Well, at least we all know they will eat well in my care….  I said well, not healthy – LOL

Afterwards I picked up Kerry and we met our good pals in town for dinner.  Alex’s in Batavia – it was incredible!!  A couple drinks, great food, excellent company… and plans for the upcoming wine fest!  Overall  – a perfect night out!

Today started the coupon escapades otherwise known as “dollar doublers”…  I did a few orders today (CLICK HERE to read the first in the “series”)  and have plans for many many more!!  Stay tuned to see the deals…    You can always sign up for the auto emails… over there on the left, scroll down, enter your email (make sure you confirm when you receive the first email) and you will be totally “IN THE KNOW” from now on!  (WOW – I use alot of !!!’s)  Then we ended the night with our first official cookout… I made a fantastic macaroni salad and the kid’s insisted on eating on the patio since it was a cookout and all…  we ate REALLY quick I’ll tell ya!

So this week – OMGoooood-NESS, we AGAIN have alot going on…  Along with as many Tops “dollar doublers” orders as I can fit in ~

Monday:  Kid’s off so, so am I!  Hope to make ahead alot of things, one of which is a German Chocolate Cake with the Coconut Pecan Frosting of course.  I am going to bake some chicken (Cordon Blue Style), with enough for a stir fry later in the week, and will serve with Broccoli and Baked Potatoes.

Tuesday:  Let the CRAZY begin, 2 boys games – but at least we are starting in the same town… We are going to take the easy way out and have hotdogs and baked beans, since I can have them ready to throw in the crockpot.  And there is plenty of macaroni salad to complete that meal.

Wednesday:  Softball night and Stuffed Shells, all ready to go from one of my Freezer Meals, with salad and garlic bread!

Thursday:  Rubber meets the road tonight… 2 boy’s games, 2 separate towns…  still working on these logistics but knowing that I will be with CK will mean we will have time to stop at TOPS after – ya know a few more doubler deals and if I call ahead I can make sure the Fried Chicken Meal is available…  Have you had Tops Fried Chicken?  It’s is AWESOME and the 8 piece is on sale for $4.99 this week (plus doubler – wink, wink!!).

Friday:  The extra chicken from Monday is waiting for a good “stir fry” here…and I can use up the salad and garlic bread – all before heading out to POKER of course!

Saturday:  We have a Pizza luncheon going on – late – so will just do some BLT’s or PB&J Toast for Dinner.

Sunday:  Time for a good Roast  – with all the trimmings – again, A big one so I can have Beef on Wecks, next week! (!!!! – hahaha)

 So, what do you have going on??


My 1st “doubler” trip this week…. 4 orders, $108.74 for only $40.47 + 400 gas points!!

Pet Food Deal – Spend $30, Get $10 OYNO catalina coupon

(How do you like my “peeker” – lol!!  He carried the bags in for the Momma!!)

I bought 3 (20#) bags of DAD’s Dog Food at $7.99 each and 5 Crave Treats at $1.25 each = $30.25 Sale Price

I used 3 – $1 Dads coupons, 5 – $1 Crave coupons and 4 – $1 dollar doublers = $12 savings AND got $10 Catalina!

$30.25 in pet food for only $7.75!!  ( I also  earned .10 in gas for this order – which is a $3 value!!)


All these goods were 3 MORE orders…  $78.49 worth for only $32.72!!

The Chicken Meal Deal plus an extra Fajita seasoning and 2L Pepsi ($39.58 value – $26.22 Savings = $13.36!)

6 Bags of Tostito’s  and 2L pepsi ($19.68 Sale Price  – $8 = $11.68  + 200 BONUS gas points valued at $6 – AWESOME)

2 Wipes, 1- 1/2 gal. milk, butter, eggs, hotdog and hamburger rolls ($19.23… $15.68 sale price – $8 = $7.68!)


Grand Total Day One = $108.74 for only $40.47 PLUS 400 gas points valued at $12 = $28.47 for all!!!!!!!!!

What did you get??  SHARE ~ PLEASE!!!!

Tops – Dollar Doubler – Pet Food Deal….

We are working lots and lots of Tops deals this week…

CLICK HERE for the first, Gas Point Double Dip Bonus Deals

CLICK HERE for more ideas and the Chicken Meal Deal

and now….

Here are details on the Pet Food Deal at TOPS this week:

Buy $30 worth of participating pet products, Get $10 OYNO Catalina OR Buy $20 worth of participating pet products, Get $5 OYNO Catalina


• Beneful Baked Delights – 2/$7

USE $1.00/2 coupon  (4/29 SS)


• Crave Cat Treats – 4/$5

USE  $1  coupon (4/15/12 RP)

Crave – B1G1 Free Printable from


• Dad’s Dog Food Bag (17.6 – 20#) – $7.99

Dad’s Dog Food – $1 off (I have them cut already – Anyone know where they came from?)


• FancyFeast Cat Food – $.55

USE $1.00/24 coupon (1/29 RP) (EXPIRES 4/29!)


• Friskies Canned Cat Food (5.5oz, excludes Select Indoor) – 30/$15

USE  $1.00/24 coupon (3/18 RP or 4/29 SS)


• Friskies Cat Food Bag (3.15#) – $3.99

USE  $1.50/3 coupon (4/29 SS)


• Hartz Cat or Dog Toys – 20% off retail


• IAMS Dry Cat Food Bag (3.4-4#) – $7.99

USE $1.00/1 coupon (4/29 P&G)


• IAMS Dry Dog Food Bag (15.5 – 17.5#) – $17.99

USE $1.00/1 coupon  (4/29 P&G)


• Paws Cat Food Bag (16#) – $9.99


• Paws Scented or Unscented Conventional Clay Cat Litter Bag (20#) – $3.49


• Pedigree Denta Stix Dog Treats – 2/$7

USE $1.00/2 coupon (4/29 RP)


• Pedigree Canned Dog Food Can  – 4/$3

USE B4G1 FREE coupon (4/29 RP)


• Purina Dog Chow Bag (17.6 – 20#) – $10.99


• Purina T Bonz Dog Treats B1G1 @ 2/$3.99

USE $1.00/1 coupon (1/29 RP – EXPIRES 4/29 or 4/29 RP )


• Tidy Cats Scoop Litter (14#) – 2/$10  

USE $1.00/1 coupon ( 1/29 RP or 4/29 SS)


Some Deals – Maybe Crazy… but if you have the q’s, how about:


24 CRAVE (@ 4/$5 = $1.25 each) = $30

– $10 Instant Savings

-$24 Crave $1 coupon

-$4 Dollar Doublers

= $8 MONEY MAKER – Seriously??!!


15 Tbonz @ $2.00 each = $30

– $10 Instant Savings

-$15 Tbonz $1 coupon

-$4 Dollar Doublers

= $1 for all


I was torn about doing a $30 order when I am so tuned to doing just $15 during dollar doublers… but with the $10 instant savings it is totally worth it!


How about DADS DOG FOOD @ $7.99

Buy 4 = $32ish

Use 4 $1 doublers and 4 $1 Dads Q’s and Get $10 Instant Savings = $18 off…

That is $14 for 4 bags or only $3,50 per bag!!


Tidy Cat Liter??  @ 2/$10

Buy 6 = $30

Use 4 $1 doublers and 6 $1 Tidy Cat Q’s and Get $10 Instant Savings = $20 off…

Only $10 for 6 packs or $1.67 Each!!



More TOPS deals… MEGA Gas Points Deal and Chicken Meal Deal

I started with the BONUS Gas Points Deal (CLICK HERE to review) and some examples of how to make it work.  Through lots of input we have come up with an awesome combo ~

2 Tostito Chips @ 2/$6,   2 Pepsi Slim Packs @ 2/$7,   2 Cookies @ 2/$4 = $17

-4 $1 doublers = -$4 and $1/2 (chips), $2/2 (pop) and 2-$1 (cookie) Q’s = -$5….  Total coupon savings is -$9 = $8 out of pocket

ALSO, Get 200 gas points, value of $6 gas…. So really, $2 for all 6 items!!

Okay – Wanna step it up – Be a big deal do’er??

Doing this deal 6 times will be $48 out of pocket (that is what you would spend for one party/picnic… yet it is enough to last our family all summer!!) and 1200 gas points earned (6 x 200) is valued at $36…. $36 you would spend on gas anyhow….

so $48 – $36 (FREE gas) = $12 for 36 items (12 of each!!)  Now that is how you rock the deal!!!!


Another Deal – The Chicken Meal Deal:


When you buy Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (4-5# package) – You will get for FREE (a $17.75 value):

Steamables Russet Potatoes – GreenLine Green Beans – Tops Arctic Bars

Chef Craft 10″ Bamboo BBQ Skewers  –  Kraft BBQ Sauce –  Sun Drop, 7-Up or A&W Pop (2L)

Old El Paso Fajita Seasoning Mix – Tops Shredded Cheese  – Tops Soft Tortilla (10pk)


Only coupon I can find for this deal is:   50¢ printable for Old El Paso, doubled  = $1 off… BUT, the way the Tops Dollar Doubler’s are written and from past experience – and many comments –  if you have the minimum $15 order you should be able to use the 4 $1 doublers as well…

Anyone have input on that??  Do tell… PLEASE – we need to know!!

CVS Deals ~ week of 4/29/12

A quick stop at CVS, on your way to TOPS (dollar doublers ya know), will net you a few cheapies that are well worth the deal if they are items you use and buy anyhow!!

Quick and Easy this week:

Colgate MaxClean, SmartFoam, MaxWhite or MaxFresh toothpaste  – $2.99

-$.50/1 Colgate ( 4/29/12 SS) May be $1??
AND – OR – $1/1 Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste (CVS Reinventing Beauty, Spring)
GET $2.49 ECB  (Limit 2)

= FREE (Maybe better…)


Pantene Pro-V shampoo, conditioner or styler – $3.48

-B1G1 free Pantene product ets up to $4.99 4/29/12 P&G
AND -$1/2 Pantene Product, exp. 4/30/12 (P&G 04/01/12) * watch expiration date
GET $1 ECB wyb 2

= $1.48 or only $ .74 each!


Nivea Body Lotion  – ??

-$2/1 Nivea hand or body lotion (4/29/12 RP )
GET $5 ECB wyb 2 ( Limit 1)

= ___________


Select Nature Made Supplements (shows D1000 and Fish Oil) –  $7.99

Printables and $4 ECB…  Have to check my store…




First of Many (week of 4/29/12) ~ Tops Deal – Dollar Doubler AND Gas Points Bonus!!

OOOO-MMMMM-GGGGGGG!!  They’re backkkkkkkk…. and I am having a hard time concentrating and even breathing because I have a problem and it’s called…. “Dollar Doubler combined with Bonus Gas points makes me CRAZY”

Holey Moses… I have already gotten 2 full FREE tanks of gas this session – thanks to the previous dollar doublers and all the awesome bonus gas points – and now I KNOW I will get another FREE tank in this week’s BONUS-APALOOZA!!

Here is the first of many specials we will highlight over the next few days…  REALLY?  You should make sure you like OUR REAL DEAL on facebook so you are totally in the know as the new deals are posted!!  Here is the link:  Click Now – LIKE it!!

On the same note… over there… left side, scroll down… enter your email address to receive all the updates directly to your email!  Make sure you confirm the first email you receive!!

Finally – I promised I would tell you when to buy, scrounge, hoard  – whatever… Just don’t take mine!!  …and here it is:  Get as many inserts as you can this weekend!!!!!!

Okay – on to the DEAL ~

Purchase 6 participating Pepsi/Frito Lay products, Get 200 Bonus Gas Points

(200 points = $6 off * 30 gallons* of gas)

• Cheetos 2/$6    -with $1/2 manufacturer coupon ( 4/29/12 Pepsi insert)

• Frito Lay Variety Packs $6.49  -with $1  manufacturer coupon ( 4/29/12 Pepsi insert)

• Lipton Iced Tea (12pk) 2/$10  – with $1/2  manufacturer coupon ( 4/29/12 Pepsi insert)

• Pepsi 20 Assorted Varieties  2/$13    -with $2/2  manufacturer coupon ( 4/29/12 Pepsi insert)

• Pepsi Slim Cans (8pk) 2/$7    -with $2/2  manufacturer coupon ( 4/29/12 Pepsi insert)

• Quaker Chewy Bars 2/$5 • Quaker Granola Bites 2/$5    –with $1/2  manufacturer coupon ( 4/29/12 Pepsi insert)

• Quaker Soft Baked and Granola Cookies 2/$4    -with $1/2 manufacturer coupon ( 4/29/12 Pepsi insert or 3/25 RP) Maybe $1 off??

• Tostitos Tortilla Chips 2/$6   -with $1/2  manufacturer coupon ( 4/29/12 Pepsi insert)

• Sun Chips 2/$6  Cheetos (8oz+)    -with $1/2  manufacturer coupon ( 4/29/12 Pepsi insert)


Okay – these are products that my family uses all of the time, really??  Pepsi and tortilla chips??  Isn’t that a staple in every house??


My “BUY PRICE” on both Pepsi and Tortilla Chips is $2… watch the magic:

6 Tortilla Chips @ $3 each = $18 (anything over $15!!)

– (4) $1 Doublers = -$4 and – (3) $1/2 coupons = -$3 = Total coupon savings of $7

Out of Pocket = $11 for 6 bags = $1.83 Each  * Based on this alone, I would scoop them up!!!

BUT – you also earn 200 BONUS GAS POINTS…

200 Points = -$6, Now it is $5 for 6 bags or only .84 each!!  UNBELIEVABLE!!

(Same deal for the Cheetos)


The Pepsi example works out the same –

6 Pepsi Slim Packs @ $3.50 each = $21

– (4) $1 Doublers = -$4 and – (3) $2/2 coupons = -$6 = Total coupon savings of $10

Out of Pocket = $11 for 6 packs = $1.83 Each  * Based on this alone, I would scoop them up!!!

BUT – you also earn 200 BONUS GAS POINTS…

200 Points = -$6, Now it is $5 for 6 packs (of 8 = 48 cans) or only .84 each pack (.11 each can – Compared to what – a $1 from the machine)!!  UNBELIEVABLE!!


What if you have the $1 Granola Cookie coupon….

6 Cookies @ $2 each = $12 (you are gonna need a filler to get to $15… this is where I throw in my gallon of milk…)

– (4) $1 Doublers = -$4 and – (6) $1 coupons = -$6 = Total coupon savings of $10

Out of Pocket = $2 for 6 packs of granola cookies = $.34 Each

BUT – you also earn 200 BONUS GAS POINTS…

200 Points = -$6, Now you are actually ahead $4 and can cover the cost of the milk….  WHOOHOOO!!!!!!


Need/Want Granola Bars??

6 boxes @ $2.50 each = $15

– (4) $1 Doublers = -$4 and – (3) $1/2 coupons = -$3 = Total coupon savings of $7

Out of Pocket = $8 for 6 boxes = $1.34 Each  * Based on this alone, I would scoop them up!!!

BUT – you also earn 200 BONUS GAS POINTS…

200 Points = -$6, Now it is $2 for 6 boxes or only .34 each!!  UNBELIEVABLE!!

Okay – Share your combo’s  – go ahead, write a comment, tell us how you make them work…. 

Here’s to FREE gas!!


Thoughtful Thursday ~

Quick Tips –

Coupon Inserts ANTICIPATED on Sunday: 

4 Inserts; Smart Source, Red Plum, P&G and a Pepsi Co.


Deals to watch for:


CVS – OH CVS – How do I say it….  I am disappointed!  No freebies to offer but there are a few staples at cheapie prices:  Pantene, Colgate, Nature Made and Nivea Lotion


Rite Aid – Offering up the free yummies – NICE!!  Also FREE Sucrets and Airwick… and dare I say an awesome “Spend $20 get $10 Up” deal!!


TOPS – OOOHHH/EEEMMMM/GGGEEEEEE, the dollar doubler’s are back!!  It is the final week to earn gas points and I personally am working on my 3rd FREE tank this cycle!  Bet you wish you were behind me in line yesterday… I needed gas but had no gas can or anything  and only took 27 gallons so I called out to the lady behind me and asked her if she wanted 3 FREE gallons…. That sounds funny but hey $12 bucks is $12 bucks!!  She was very happy and it made my day to share and tell her about my freebies and the blog and all… hey Lady I gave the gas too (talk about sounding funny)… Did you find me???  So anyhow, there is a bonus deal involving the Pepsico Insert, a Catalina deal on pet foods and many great deals!  So make a real good list find a little extra cash and we’ll plan a few extra orders and get you some more FREE gas – K??!!


Stick with me – I will update with all the doubles deals I find!!!


What’s up Wednesday….

No major beef tonight (hahaha – get it) just some random “What is up with’s”…

  • Drunk Drivers – seriously, even in Alexander you can get a cab – or I will come and get you… just call!  Better a Drunk call than a Drunk call from Jail!!!!
  • Absentee Fathers – they are your kid’s, they NEED you – adjust your life or risk losing all!
  • Bullies in Elementary School – Some kid’s are just ROTTON and I have to say if they were mine I would beat their asses!   I am sorry if this offends anyone – No I do NOT beat my kids, I don’t have to… they are respectful, compasionate and polite – AND very very afraid of me!!  If I see it again, I will take them down one way or another…. If your kid is a problem they will not be allowed to participate!

If you are even thinking any of these points are about you then you should try harder to be better…

HHHMMMM – Bitch much??!!  Who knew…

What say you????

Tasty Tuesday ~ What to do with Ground Beef

Tasty Tuesday… YEAH – I tried to tell myself that I was going to post every single day and I also thought I would stick to my very random but ‘day specific’ schedule…  Today is Tuesday, Tuesday’s post is “Tasty Tuesday”.  Tasty Tuesday is ‘suppossed’ to be a recipe of something we have on our weekly menu…  About that weekly menu – Hmmmmm bad job of figuring it out this week and look at the chaos that ensued… We have absolutely no idea what to eat and here I sit waiting for the pizza I just ordered.  BUT another issue is that a pizza is not enough for my family… we have to have the Large Special – you know with wings.  Large Specials run in the $25+ range and I hear there are CRAZY people that can make five meals for that price.   You know, the more I save from the grocery budget the more shoes I can buy…  I gotta get this under control I say… the meals, not the shoes!

Anyhow – I know some people think of Meal Planning as some crazy new fangled thing but seriously it is just a matter of planning ahead.  I think we can all agree I do know how to shop, I mean there is SERIOUSLY enough food in my house to feed a small army for months.  I am aggressively working on a price book so I know what my “Buy Price” is on any item and I only shop the sales and deals each week (other than milk and freshies).  My meal plans are ALWAYS based on what I have already so it does not matter when I get to the store… you know whether it’s Sunday morning or evening… LOL – I HAVE TO GO ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE SALE!!!!  I also know people worry that they will get bored with the food… ??  This is the exact reason you would plan!  I also always try to make multiple meals out of one honkin’ piece or pack of meat so…   I try to make multiple meals from the same meat, that are very different so we won’t get bored!   Ha – no wonder I delay the actual planning process…  but Alas – again, here we are – with the pizza now – and still needing a plan for the rest of the week.

Someone (I really look up to) recently suggested I change the name of my Blog to “MICHELLE TALKS…”  What do you think of that?

So yeah back to the meals… I have – only in my head – a great list of different things I can make based on one main product and since I do not have a speciifc recipe to share tonight, I thought I would start the first in a series of Meals…  to create a master list (that can be adjusted) and then there is no excuse not to make a plan.  Are you with me?


Okay – numero uno, GROUND BEEF!  Very versatile, reasonably priced…   What meals can/do you make with it??


Burgers – Grilled or Fried, with (or w/o) Bacon

Baked Burgers in Gravy

Hamburger Gravy – on rice or noodles

Noodle Casserole / Poor Man’s Stroganoff – Let’s rename that: Quick Stroganoff


Super Nacho’s

Taco Soup

Taco Pizza, Fiestada



Stuffed Peppers

Cheeseburger Pizza

Deep Dish Pizza

Sloppy Joes


Ground Beef Stew

Burger in Soup

Spaghetti Sauce with Burger / Meat Sauce:  Lasagna, Baked Ziti


Shepard’s Pie

Hobo Pockets

There you go – I had 21 Meals I generally use Ground Beef for…  and you can see that I can save money by buying the large family packages of beef and time by prepping the beef all at once and being ready for three or more meals that can be totally different.  Now – to just link all the names to actual recipes…  LOL – We’ll get there!!

So – what is your favorite meal using ground beef?  Are any of these your favorites?  Got a recipe you wanna share?  Do tell!!