Tops trip ~ $122.22 for only $34.94 ~ LOVE the dollar doublers!!

The first of my DOLLAR DOUBLER shopping trips…  4 orders, Regular Price = $122.22 and I only spent $34.94 PLUS I got 500 gas points (right there that is .50 off per gallon at Tops or $15 FREE gas)!!

 – My only mistake was not counting the $4 instant savings on the BAKING GOODS deal as coming off prior to the $15 total, so I had to add items to reach the $15 total to use my 4 dollar doublers….


Order 1:

4 cake mixes, 4 frostings, 2 muffin mixes, 2 papers, 1 worchester sauce

Total before Savings:  $28.69 – Total Savings:  $ 22.56

Total after Savings:  $6.13


Order 2:

2 muffin mixes, 4 chocolate chips, 2 smoked sausage, 1 worchester sauce, 1 milk

Total before Savings:  $33.10 – Total Savings:  $ 25.35

Total after Savings:  $7.75


Order 3:

2 Triscuit, 4 cream cheese, 2 Reynolds Wrap

Total before Savings:  $26.52 – Total Savings:  $ 19.54

Total after Savings:  $6.90


Order 4:

2 smuckers, lg. vinegar, swiss cheese slices, 4 coffeemate creamers, 1 milk

* I should have grabbed a couple dollars more in items and split this order to use 4 more doublers, but I was off from having to add items to my first couple orders…

Total before Savings:  $33.91 – Total Savings:  $ 19.75

Total after Savings:  $14.16


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  1. That is awesome my friend! Planning on a trip tomarrow to Tops and Wegmans!

  2. Thanks Girl – That is Sunday’s trip, I went again tonight and I am trying to get that posted as well. Cant wait to hear about what you get – do you have a double dipper Tops too???

  3. Are there other double dipping Tops??We should try to get a list going 😉 Henrietta is way to far, I map quested it, 2hrs 48min.

    How much was the smuckers?

    • Hey Ida – I honestly do not know of any others… wholly moses, almost three hours?? Its about 1.5 for me but that is still to far! We should ask on Ann’s site -she’s got all the COMMENTORS!! Smuckers were still marked 2/ $4 so with my .75 q, I got them for .50 ,like last week… had to fight for it though! How are you feeling??? Any better today?? Are you going to get to shop? Will someone go for you??

      • I feel like I need to shop! lol It is killing me sitting here, watching my dd clean, hehehe She has been a great help. I have out of town family coming and dd15 has been a cleaning goddess, but I only have her until Wed. She is going with her friend and their family to VA for a week. Lucky her 🙂

        Thanks for the smuckers info, I missed it last week. I will be shopping later today. yay

  4. What do you mean by Double Dipper Tops? I live in Pavilion but I work at Strong Memorial so i am in Henrietta 4-5 days a week and the Henrietta Tops is pretty much on my way home. If it saved me more by going there than to Batavia, I surely would!

    • Oh Jessica – aren’t you lucky!! The Henrietta Tops is part of the “no gas Tops zone” so they offer additional Catalina’s with the specials BUT you still get the gas points!! I know – CRAZY!! For example, this weeks Kraft deal for 200 bonus points is giving a $3 Cat. WYB 6 and the papergoods offers a $5 Cat.when you spend $20! Now I honestly do not know if you have to take your receipt to the service desk to have the gas points added or not but I do know those that those that go there are sooooo lucky!! This week for sure it would be worth it for you!!!!!!!!!! I contemplated taking the drive but just isnt prudent for me…. Good luck – stop and see! Let us know how it goes!!!

  5. Sarah Maglich

    I’ve already been to Tops & Wegmans 5 times. I’m almost out of coupons – lol ! For anyone who got the Allegra coupon and didn’t go to CVS or CVS was out of them; the 5ct is $5.99 at both Tops & Wegmans! I got mine at Tops with the $7/1 coupon for even more freebies!!!

  6. WOW! Seriously amazing, Michelle!!!

  7. can you use more than 4 of tops doublers in the same week?

    • Hi Donna – I have always used 4 per order and done a few orders at a time going more than a few times a week… but I do NOT know what the OFFICIAL answer is… hope that helps!!

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