Tops trip #2 ~ $96.90 for only $14.19 AND I earned $12 in GAS… $2.19 for 30 items!!!!!!

And then I went back for more…  Here is my Monday Matchups…

The SECOND of my DOLLAR DOUBLER shopping trips…  4 orders, Regular Price = $96.90 and I only spent $14.19 PLUS I got 400 gas points!!  Right there that is .40 off per gallon at Tops or $12 FREE gas – so all four orders really only cost me $2.19 – Any 1 of the 30 items usually costs more than $2.19…

AWESOME – I would love to do these exact orders over again –



Check it out ~

Order 1:

6 Chocolate Chips, 1 Allegra (5ct)

Total before Savings:  $26.13 – Total Savings:  $ 26.13

Total after Savings:  $0 = FREE


Order 2:

2 muffin mix, 4 cake mix, 4 frostings, 1 Allegra (5ct)

Total before Savings:  $30.69 – Total Savings:  $ 29.55

Total after Savings:  $1.14


Order 3:

2 Sargento Cheese, 3 Coffee-Mate Creamers

Total before Savings:  $19.55 – Total Savings:  $ 13.90

Total after Savings:  $5.65


Order 4:

6 Vanity Fair Napkins, 1 Sargento Cheese

Total before Savings:  $20.53 – Total Savings:  $ 13.53

Total after Savings:  $7.40

**This was a 200 point Bonus order worth $6 alone!


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  1. You rock it girl! I am loosing sleep over these deals, hahaha! I have everything in order and I get to the store and I am changing due to stock. I am happy though, I got 1.20 off gas in only 3 orders. So, it is worth it!

  2. $1.20 in three orders – HOW?? You are the one rockin’ it girl!!! I went tonight and the orders did not go at all as planned so that will be a fun post tomorrow – hahaha – even the best laid intentions go awry!! And this week, there is no sleep – next week!!!!

  3. I got to $1.90 though….

  4. How are you getting around?? Okay??? Tomorrow I have a 2 hour break to spend at Tops – hahaha

  5. Ya I am hobbling along. Of all weeks to have dd uh!

    Wow 2 hrs, I’ll be waiting to see your finds 🙂

  6. Hey Ida! Hobbling better than nothing..take care.

    I always do 10 coupons in my orders to get 100 pts. The paper deal is awesome for 200 pts and the Tim Horton’s GC for 200 pts. I did the Kraft deal once too. I use the 0.50 coupons for Stovetop as fillers, they are on sale for 1.50. Also the LOL 1/2 and 1/2 on sale for 2.79 and I have 0.55 coupons.

  7. Michelle,
    Do you shop the Batavia Tops? I have seen alot of complaints about that store. My husband is in Batavia alot for business, I could always tag along if I am off. 🙂
    We could meet at Tops and then go to the SLOTS.

    • C’mon over Lea Ann – although YES, Tops in Batavia is tough!!!! They are NOT coupon friendly but are the biggest store in our area – the little surrounding stores do not have self checkout, gas (even though we don’t get the bonus catalinas) or much variety. AND the slots SUCKADOO, but I am more than willing to give them a go – I am NOT a quitter – hahaha Let me know – anytime!!

  8. Momof3beauties

    You may be a coupon addict if:
    -You send your kids outside to play so you can have some “alone time” with your coupons
    -Someone is hovering over your open purse and you immediately think “I hope they don’t steal my coupons, my credit cards can be replaced”
    -You wake up at night and check on your coupons just to make sure they are okay
    -You wonder if your coupons will be okay if you leave them in the car-locked
    -You take a half day of work because you know exactly what time the keebler guy delivers the new stock of crackers
    Have a great day!! Don’t forget, never go to bed mad at the cashier that gave you a hard time with those dollar doublers. I am sure it was nothing personal.;)

  9. Momof3beauties

    Feel free, I share from the heart, the story of my true life! Thanks for all the deals you share!

  10. Those are some amazing deals! My hubby would be thrilled if I could score those kind of deals! 🙂

    • GIRL!! Where you been? I did a post about you and linked to you and left messages… where is the LOVE?? hahaha – Thanks for visiting! When I move into your house cuz its beautious and you can feed me, I will teach Mr. Thyme all the coupon tricks!! So – really, how are you?? When are we getting together??

  11. Dollar Doubler is definitely an obsession with me lol now that i understand how it works. I have tried to get my orders to just over $15 so i can save alot lol. It takes me awhile to figure the math out but it was so worth it!!

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