Hey – Did you see this???

I did it, I did it….  Whoo Hoo!!!


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  1. way to go Michele!

  2. That is awesome:) I hope to be as good as yo one day!!!

  3. That is awesome except you loose money by letting your total go over the cost of the gas!! I did that before and when I went to redeem my points, it wiped all of them off and I lost out on 30 cents per gallon!! Hope it does not happen to you. I stopped using my card at $4.00 and started using my sisters card (who does not drive!!) and have that one up to $3.20 per gallon.

    • My gas points carry over. I watch it as I get closer to redemption week. But being in week 3 I have plenty of time to get to another free tank.

      Wow $7.20 Donna you are on fire!

  4. Hey Donna – I did it before to see how high I could go and it took off the amount I used for my fill up and kept the rest ongoing… it was still during the contest… It has been a few months though so I will call tomorrow and get clarification… I will update for sure!!

  5. Yes, I also stopped at 4.00, did not want to loose any money. We will fill up today or tomorrow and start all over again!

  6. Whoo hoo, Michelle! Awesome! What are your gas prices at? Ours were at $4.08 on Saturday.

  7. Wholly cow – I totally missed that Donna actually acrued $7.20 in gas overall… I quess we have a new goal – LOL – Donna, what did you buy?? AND how much did you spend?? And do you want me to come over and be BFF’s?? Hahaha – I tend to get personal!! Seriously though – would love to know!! Ida – I have checked the price yet… will fill up tomorrow when Hubs can meet me there!!

    • I do all the shopping for 5 families, so to list it all would be crazy! I did this over 4 trips to Tops with about 10 transactions each time. A lot of bonus buys so that really helped out !! I figured out my percentage of savings to 69.4% and when you count the gas and it came to 82%. I was shocked! I learn a lot from this blog for sure! Thanks to all of you!

  8. I just got home from filling up…jumping up and down!!! 30 gallons for $3.57!!!!!!!!!!!! Savings of $120.00. This has made my whole day! 🙂

    • YOU GO GIRL!!!! Isnt that AMAZING – almost seems surreal! I wish everyone could experience it… and take our advice to use coupons!!!!! I’m going tonight – Now I can’t wait!! PS – I think we may be GEEKS…Just saying!!

  9. Hahaha! For sure and laughing all the way! My husband is still in amazement over it, even after all these yrs. I hope to see you on the 21st at Ann’s meet-up. 🙂

  10. Good!!!!!!!

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