Sunday Funday ~ Did I mention my $4.50 off in Gas Points?

Hey, hey, hey friends of mine… what is going on?  I sure hope everyone had a super duper Easter!  We did – you know once I found a ham!  WTH TOPS??… three stores in three days and NO hams…  Not to mention calling a store last night and being spoken to very nasty then HUNG UP ON!! 


  1. Every single year I buy extra hams the week after Easter as soon as my store discounts – so where the heck were the hams?
  2. How much money did Tops lose this week by not having extra/more hams??
  3. Maybe Tops just hates me because I got tons of grocery deals this week – I was there EVERY SINGLE DAY and I hit $4.50 off per gallon!!  Can I get a ‘what – what”!!  Don’t hate me Tops… I say, why don’t you hire me to teach the store personnel customer satisfaction – Seriously do you like losing to Wegman’s EVERY SINGLE year??  I do believe my dream job would be traveling to area stores and “teaching” staff customer service, especially concerning coupons!
  4. Additionally, I DO think Tops does need to fine tune their coupon policy with these dollar doublers…  wholly crazy with who takes what coupons etc. – you know??!!

~ It was super awesome that when I posted about my Ham dilemma, I had 5 people offer me a ham asap ~  Such NICE coupon friends!!


Next – I have to apologize for not having my deals for this new week up yet… I was really kinda busy at Tops ya know – hahaha – and I am NOT shopping at all this week (yeah, we’ll see) but I have been scouring the deals and promise to have highlights for each store up soon…  I have also discovered I can NOT “move to the next level” with this little ole blog until I get a host and change up a few things…  CRAZY… I seriously had not planned on this, so I really need some time to investigate my options and my computer time is limited as it is… whooooooooooo  BREATHE!!

In the mean time, please visit some of my deal blogger bestie’s – they are all about posting the awesome deals AND I gotta tell you – do it tomorrow, there “may or may not” be a $50 Tops gift card…  that some lucky reader “may or may not win”…  I’m just saying – check these girls out:

There’s Tricia at Tricia’s Frugal Finds, there’s Jennifer at Simply Family Savings, my girl Wendy from Crazy About Saving, Christina from Western NY Deals and ToDo’s, Brooke from Frugal Buffalonian,  Suzanne from Suzy Saver WNY and Amanda from Mom’s Coupon Affair (Do you love that name or what??)

Go ahead – check out all the deals they have to share and then come on back and tell me who gave you a great deal – then I can go get it too – LOL – multi tasking, that’s what I call this!!

Finally – I gotta do a Weekly Menu… last week I skipped this as I knew I would be very busy every night (HELLO – $4.50 off per gallon… Tops is paying me to get gas) but my family acted like they did not know what to eat….hahaha and the busier we get the more we need a definite plan in place!

Monday:  Kid’s went home with Gramma on Easter so Kerry and I are on our own!  We both have to work late so it will be a free for all… Probably ham sandwiches or toast and cereal!!

Tuesday:  Kid’s coming home and we have to run to baseball practice so I am going to do Scalloped Potatoes and Ham in the Crock Pot!

Wednesday:  Baseball again so meals on the fly are the way we roll, I will pack up “ham and cheeses and crackers and cut up veggies and granola bars and pretzels”… this is one of our favorites and we sit and eat it in the car like we are on adventure! (That is what I tell my kid’s anyhow – hahaha)

Thursday:  One more night of baseball so we’ll make some pizza to take along…  Our favorite Cheeseburger Boboli of course!

Friday:  I have the day off FINALLY so I am going to “make sauce” as I am out of my freezer stash.  I  will have extra burger done up from the Boboli and will make Lasagna Rollups and will serve them with an awesome salad!  I might even make a cake – lord knows I have enough of them – hahaha!!

Saturday:  Kerry is going out with his friends… I say – WHAT??  LOL, I guess he is allowed (just this once)  So the kid’s and I are on our own and we will surely do something fun… probably going to make our own Chicken Planks and Chips (like O’Lacey’s – yum!)

Sunday:  Going to use up the rest of the ham in a ham version of Eggs Benedict for brunch.  Then do our own Chicken BBQ for dinner!

See it’s good to have a plan… now I can proceed on with my week of client visits, rent collection, baseball and blogging… it’s a good life – don’t you agree??

So – what are you going to do with your left over ham???  Do tell!!





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  1. You really do excel at this meal planning thing girl…one thing you beat me on in the organizing dept!!!!!!!! You definitely beat me up in the coupon dept…$4.20!!!!!!!!!! Impressive! BTW did you get my vmail about Jessi as a roomate possibly??

  2. awww JFB – you flatter me! A house with food to live on for months and if it is not planned out, no-one knows what to eat – hahahaha
    Yes – I got message about Jessie, haven’t talked to anyone else yet but will get on it…!!

  3. Cute blog – your bubbly personality shines through in your posts!

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