Tasty Tuesday ~ What to do with Ground Beef

Tasty Tuesday… YEAH – I tried to tell myself that I was going to post every single day and I also thought I would stick to my very random but ‘day specific’ schedule…  Today is Tuesday, Tuesday’s post is “Tasty Tuesday”.  Tasty Tuesday is ‘suppossed’ to be a recipe of something we have on our weekly menu…  About that weekly menu – Hmmmmm bad job of figuring it out this week and look at the chaos that ensued… We have absolutely no idea what to eat and here I sit waiting for the pizza I just ordered.  BUT another issue is that a pizza is not enough for my family… we have to have the Large Special – you know with wings.  Large Specials run in the $25+ range and I hear there are CRAZY people that can make five meals for that price.   You know, the more I save from the grocery budget the more shoes I can buy…  I gotta get this under control I say… the meals, not the shoes!

Anyhow – I know some people think of Meal Planning as some crazy new fangled thing but seriously it is just a matter of planning ahead.  I think we can all agree I do know how to shop, I mean there is SERIOUSLY enough food in my house to feed a small army for months.  I am aggressively working on a price book so I know what my “Buy Price” is on any item and I only shop the sales and deals each week (other than milk and freshies).  My meal plans are ALWAYS based on what I have already so it does not matter when I get to the store… you know whether it’s Sunday morning or evening… LOL – I HAVE TO GO ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE SALE!!!!  I also know people worry that they will get bored with the food… ??  This is the exact reason you would plan!  I also always try to make multiple meals out of one honkin’ piece or pack of meat so…   I try to make multiple meals from the same meat, that are very different so we won’t get bored!   Ha – no wonder I delay the actual planning process…  but Alas – again, here we are – with the pizza now – and still needing a plan for the rest of the week.

Someone (I really look up to) recently suggested I change the name of my Blog to “MICHELLE TALKS…”  What do you think of that?

So yeah back to the meals… I have – only in my head – a great list of different things I can make based on one main product and since I do not have a speciifc recipe to share tonight, I thought I would start the first in a series of Meals…  to create a master list (that can be adjusted) and then there is no excuse not to make a plan.  Are you with me?


Okay – numero uno, GROUND BEEF!  Very versatile, reasonably priced…   What meals can/do you make with it??


Burgers – Grilled or Fried, with (or w/o) Bacon

Baked Burgers in Gravy

Hamburger Gravy – on rice or noodles

Noodle Casserole / Poor Man’s Stroganoff – Let’s rename that: Quick Stroganoff


Super Nacho’s

Taco Soup

Taco Pizza, Fiestada



Stuffed Peppers

Cheeseburger Pizza

Deep Dish Pizza

Sloppy Joes


Ground Beef Stew

Burger in Soup

Spaghetti Sauce with Burger / Meat Sauce:  Lasagna, Baked Ziti


Shepard’s Pie

Hobo Pockets

There you go – I had 21 Meals I generally use Ground Beef for…  and you can see that I can save money by buying the large family packages of beef and time by prepping the beef all at once and being ready for three or more meals that can be totally different.  Now – to just link all the names to actual recipes…  LOL – We’ll get there!!

So – what is your favorite meal using ground beef?  Are any of these your favorites?  Got a recipe you wanna share?  Do tell!!


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  1. OMG, I’m like so ticked right now… I had this long post to you Michelle, went back to get my link, came back and my entire post disappeared!!! UGH!!!!p

    Anyway, I hear ya about the food and being tired. I worked a 15-1/5 day today. Just got home at 8:45 I’m currently working on my second rum & coke (yes, yes I am :-)), and winding down even though the fam is sleeping…

    Hamburger is my go to meat, alway’s!!

    One of our favorites;
    Hamburger Lentil Soup
    Hearty and stew like soup that the entire family will love. Of course it’s a crockpot recipe, HELLO… you know I love me my crockpot!!

    1 can plain diced tomatoes (with juice)
    2 potatoes cubed
    bay leaf
    2 tbls chicken base or 1 can chicken broth (trust me)
    dried rosemary
    3c water

    Brown ground beef, drain. Place in crockpot with all the above ingredients. Stir, cover and let cook. Amazing hearty soup!! Trust me, the kids will never know lentils are involved and when you tell them they will realize they really like lentils…

    That being said, you know I’m part of the “foodie world”… well imagine my suprise I entered for the first time ever this contest…
    My foodie friends have been supporting and voting for me, and I keep forgetting to remind them. How great are they??
    I came home tonight to find out I’m number #2, and the posts on FB is to tell everyone to make me #1!! OMG???
    Four of the foodies have made the muffins so they know they are delicious… your family will love them. Mine do, and their so dang easy!!!


    • Girl – we are soooo long lost sistas!! Like twins, except you are the “foodie” and I am the”eatie” – hahaha – everything you talk about I just want to slurp up!! Thank you for the recipe – can I tell you I had to look up what a Lentil was… I am so behind the times… Is it like a split pea?? In the sense that it will mush and thicken the soup?? Which color should I try? Details – you know we bonded over details!! I followed your link – and again – the breakfast muffins – OMG!! I love the picture too!! I voted and I posted it on facebook and I have to tell you I had to ANSWER to verify and I could not get that right – I did not know what the ? was… WTheck… finally I caught on and typed the name of the hotel…. very odd…. I hope noone else is as confused!! I soooo missed you at Ann’s meet up!! It was for sure awesome but you were indeed missed by all!! I had those Greek Donuts… OOOHHHHEEEMMMM GGGGEEEEEE Give us that recipe – k??!! YUMMO!! Get some sleep after that long day!! Love ya girl!!

    • LOL, your outta control you that right? 😉

      The loukoumades are so easy to make, I’ve spelled it right do a search!!
      I missed everyone at the meet too!!

      Thank you for the vote love, I really appreciate it!! Okay, off to get ready for work!!

      Have a great day!

  2. I was a HUGE fan of ground beef and we ate it at least twice a week but ever since the whole”pink slime” story, I have not used it. It’s been 3 weeks and I feel as though I have nothing to make for dinner anymore! I read somewhere a list of stores that were going to stop selling and I can’t remember where I read it or what stores were going to do it. I know you are going to tell me it’s a mental thing but I just can’t get over it.

    • Wow – look at you… it takes PINK SLIME to bring the comments out – LOL!! TOPS does not sell or use pink slime!! There was HUGE investigations after that all came out and TOPS was one of the few that did not!! I was glad cuz that is generally the only place I get my burger. I also mix in venison – or bear or moose (LOL) if I can get away with it!! Now which is worse?? hahaha

  3. YEAH! I am on my way now to get some! Meatloaf tonightt! Oh how I have missed you ground beef!! Thanks!

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