What’s up Wednesday….

No major beef tonight (hahaha – get it) just some random “What is up with’s”…

  • Drunk Drivers – seriously, even in Alexander you can get a cab – or I will come and get you… just call!  Better a Drunk call than a Drunk call from Jail!!!!
  • Absentee Fathers – they are your kid’s, they NEED you – adjust your life or risk losing all!
  • Bullies in Elementary School – Some kid’s are just ROTTON and I have to say if they were mine I would beat their asses!   I am sorry if this offends anyone – No I do NOT beat my kids, I don’t have to… they are respectful, compasionate and polite – AND very very afraid of me!!  If I see it again, I will take them down one way or another…. If your kid is a problem they will not be allowed to participate!

If you are even thinking any of these points are about you then you should try harder to be better…

HHHMMMM – Bitch much??!!  Who knew…

What say you????


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  1. Teaching our children to be compassionate is why they are not bullies. I feel for these kids who lack guidance, but there is a reason they are little #$%^&%$ …. parents never taught that lesson.

  2. So true Ida – I can see EXACTLY where some of these kid’s get it from too… GGGRRRRR Someone needs a whoopin’ – good thing I am off to bed – LOL – enough of this day!!!

  3. PS – I am in NO WAY insinuating my family is perfect by any means, If my kids or myself are outta line I fully expect someone to correct “the issue” and if there is a problem you can rest assurred it will be dealt with!!

    • Right, no family is perfect. I deal with this issue on a daily basis with my kids. One is picking on the other. I try to make them think. I am always saying, how do you think they feel or how would you feel if it was you. I could just let them do or say what ever to each other with no thought or consequence, just ignore what it going on but I don’t think that would make them better people. We reap what we sow.

  4. The problem with Drunk Drivers is they are Drunks,have you ever met one that will admit they are drunks. My husband works with two,one is a stay at home drunk,the other is drunk driver. He has been driving drunk for years finally got caught,his DWI was reduced lost his licence and is still driving. If you ask him about it his answer is I am not like that. Well if you ask me a Drunks a Drunk. Why can’t they tax beer and liquor like they have gas and cigarettes? Keep raising the prices so when they are out driving at 4.00 dollars a gallon for gas they have to pay 10.00 bucks for a beer or 30.00 dollars a six pack. I have know sympathy for Drunks enough said.

  5. I hear you Cheryl – I just don’t get it… I like cocktails ALOT and I know that if I want to have a couple I need to make arrangements for a ride… AND I know I have offered people rides before and for whatever reason they think they are fine… Why risk it?? Seriously – the least that could happen is a DWI… anything else could be much worse!!! Just scares me to death!!!!

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