Thoughtful Thursday ~

Quick Tips –

Coupon Inserts ANTICIPATED on Sunday: 

4 Inserts; Smart Source, Red Plum, P&G and a Pepsi Co.


Deals to watch for:


CVS – OH CVS – How do I say it….  I am disappointed!  No freebies to offer but there are a few staples at cheapie prices:  Pantene, Colgate, Nature Made and Nivea Lotion


Rite Aid – Offering up the free yummies – NICE!!  Also FREE Sucrets and Airwick… and dare I say an awesome “Spend $20 get $10 Up” deal!!


TOPS – OOOHHH/EEEMMMM/GGGEEEEEE, the dollar doubler’s are back!!  It is the final week to earn gas points and I personally am working on my 3rd FREE tank this cycle!  Bet you wish you were behind me in line yesterday… I needed gas but had no gas can or anything  and only took 27 gallons so I called out to the lady behind me and asked her if she wanted 3 FREE gallons…. That sounds funny but hey $12 bucks is $12 bucks!!  She was very happy and it made my day to share and tell her about my freebies and the blog and all… hey Lady I gave the gas too (talk about sounding funny)… Did you find me???  So anyhow, there is a bonus deal involving the Pepsico Insert, a Catalina deal on pet foods and many great deals!  So make a real good list find a little extra cash and we’ll plan a few extra orders and get you some more FREE gas – K??!!


Stick with me – I will update with all the doubles deals I find!!!



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  1. Here we go again !!!!! 🙂 I am planning as we speak and trying to rest up for the week. Hahahaha!

  2. Do you have a special trick to figuring out which items to use together to pay the cheapest price?

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