TOP TEN – Coupon Rules (Couponing 101)

Couponing 101


Top Ten RULES (points) I’ve Learned



1.  EXTREME Couponing is a TOTAL hoax!


2.  Realistically, you can get all your health and beauty FREE at drug stores and save OVER 50% off your grocery bill EASILY!!


3.  A beautiful stockpile will NOT happen overnight.


4.  Couponing goes hand in hand with MEAL PLANNING.


5.  To coupon you actually have to HAVE coupons!


6.  Just like anything – it actually MAY cost you money to get started. (Takes money to make money!!)


7.  Couponing has to become a LIFESTYLE.


8.  There is ALWAYS something to learn from others.


9.   Sometimes you DO actually have to buy things you won’t use.


 10.  YES, you DO have the time!!

So these are the most prominent things I have learned… We will review each one and really “break it” down!  This is going to be a gradual session, which will be updated a couple times a week, and everyone can be involved and ask questions!  It is a great starting point for those new to couponing, those that want to start couponing and even some PRO couponers as we all can learn from each other!  Stay tuned for updates…  You can sign up for auto emails if you want the updates to come right to your inbox – right over there <——– left side, scroll down, enter your email and be sure to confirm when you receive the first email.  You can also stay “in the know” by LIKING my facebook page:  Our Real Deal!!

So – First breakdown discussion is:  #1  EXTREME Couponing is a TOTAL hoax!   

Leave a comment…  What do you think or want to ask?  Do tell!!!




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  1. Extreme couponing does seem like a waste. Why someone needs a million bottles of ketchup is beyond me. It does take awhile to get started and i barely have a stockpile but i am working on it!! Thanks for your help.

  2. Extreme couponing is a joke, really. The ppl on the shows for their “2 minutes of fame”, God Bless them… they let the MQ know what were doing and now the denominations have changed, the rules have changed, and they keep changing.
    So I’m so very, very, very happy for their 2 minutes. Does anyone in Hollywood know them? Does anyone on the Food network know them? Do we know them? If we pass them on the street we would like drooooool and try and get thier autograph??

    Okay, so now you know where I stand with extreme anything huh? LOL

    That being said, I am very thankful for what cpns provide my family. I mean normal everday things… (not a zillion pkgs of Maalox). That in turns allows me extra money in my food budget to purchase gourmet. Think gourmet fish, cheese, wine, meats etc.
    This allows for amazing meals to feed my family and friends at a cost of what my food budget (usually alot less) than what was allowed.

    Does extreme couponing exist? Of course it does, think all the empty shelves we see every week. So I have to think to myself; “self, I guess they feed their family Quaker cookies for breakfast, coldcuts for lunch and cereal along with allegra for dinner”, yep, yep I do… how boring is that?

    My dinner last nite was total yummy, gourmet if you must.
    We had fried calamari in a light homemade tempura batter, smashed garlic red potatoes, corn on the cob… for dessert, Edy’s ice cream with crushed orea crumbs and a cherry, hello!!

    Couponing, for real, yea…

  3. It’s done NOTHING!! I won’t watch the show, I tell anyone the can hear me to NOT WATCH the show… most ppl are like “really are these ppl for real”? To which I respond NO!!
    I’ve had 2 instances, no I”m not joking Michelle, where as they tried to steal my binder… I stopped brining my binder, but you know, unadvertised deals exist. Like my Tops popcorn for $10/10 and I had .25/1 each so that made each box of 3 popcorn .75 each… HELLO, MCCFLY???
    So I started to bring back my binder, cept this time I watch it like a hawk and give attitude right back when given to me… whether it’s another customer, or a cashier. Yup, yup!!

  4. You so know I can give attitude, hello “attitude” is my middle name!!! 🙂

  5. I don’t even know how that show exists. I don’t think any retailer in their right mind would allow their show to come in after all the counterfeit coupons were passed that the mf will not reimburse them for. Here is a interesting read….

    Hope its ok to post a link.

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