Thoughtful Thursday ~ Another killer deal from CVS! $54 worth of product and THEY PAID ME!

Here is last night’s CVS trip for you…  All in all, I ended up making $3! 

$54 worth of product and THEY PAID ME! 

Have I mentioned that I LOVE CVS??!!!!!!!!!


So – a few thoughts for you:

*  My good friend Troy had a baby boy today… Welcome Cooper!  Hey Cooper, please tell your Mom and Dad they need to use coupons!  Diapers are expensive!!  Congrats Troy and Kelly!!

*  We are having a baby shower for another good friend this weekend and this is truly a sign of ” the times, they are a changing”…  My friend Steve is not with ‘Baby Mama’  but is excited beyond belief about his baby being born in a few short weeks and in anticipation of split custody we are throwing him a shower so he can have all supplies on hand and be ready to “Rock Roz’s World”!!  It is the first shower I have ever invited Older men to and the first time I anticipate playing POKER at a baby shower – LOL!!  It’ll be a riot!!  PS – It’s the eve of my birthday so at midnight Ms. Roz, Auntie Michelle is taking over!!!!

*  All this exciting news makes me realize I better get cooking… lots of goodies to make!  Having a stockpile on weeks like this is paramount!

*  Looks like we can anticipate a hefty SmartSource and RedPlum this weekend in the Sunday paper…  supposed to be great and they usually are the weekend before a holiday (when we won’t have any Q’s) so be sure to grab your paper!!

*  Look’s like the Drug stores will be enticing again next weekend (can you say more FREE Pantene) and Tops should be starting a new gas point promotion.  Remember to use any remaining gas points by this Saturday the 19th!!  Tops biggies for me will be the B1G1 FREE Perry’s Ice Cream and Sugerdale Bacon…  so make room in your freezer!  Here’s hoping they are included in a GAS POINT BONUS – we’ll know tomorrow!!

*  Finally – Just a thought…  Anyone else think that the idea that any and all family type events have to be ALCOHOL FREE now (for the parents silly) is a crazy rule?  Right – we can’t let our kid’s see us drink alcohol, OMG if we do it, they are going to want to do it too…  Of course they are going to want to – BUT guess what?  THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED – Hello!!  We have to teach our kids to follow rules and not letting them ever see alcohol is NOT the answer!  Let’s show them how reasonable adults can behave while having a glass of wine and quit making such a big deal out of it and maybe then it wont be a big deal to the kids…  I mean seriously – we have alcohol in our home and the kids know they are not allowed to have it so, seriously, as a society, we need to get a grip!!  Anyhow, I am off to the baseball field – I’ll be the one with my wine hiding in a sippy cup – meet you there!!


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  1. You make laugh!!! Love the wine in sippy cup comment!!!

  2. Thanks Kay… I really don’t have a drinking problem – just CRAZY things are making me even crazier lately!! LOL

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