TOPS – Double Dippin’ Bonus Gas Points are BACK!!!!!! Week of 5/20/2012 (my bday BTW)

WhoooHoooo GAS POINT BONUSES are back – and there are three (3) killer deals this next week!!

Tons of options to get your FREE gas…  I am gonna need a fill up, a fill up costs me $120.00…  the goal is to make deals, spend less than $120 and earn the FREE tank…  get it?  I would normally pay $120 anyhow for the gas so if I can use the $120 to buy deals that earn me free gas I am double dipping in the best way!!

Let’s get matching – Here is the first Gas Point BONUS deal: 


Deal #1 – Buy any 6 for 200 BONUS gas points:

Kool-Aid, Country Time or Tang (they still make tang??) – $2

-$1/2 Country Time Canister (SS 05/06/12)

Also, Save $1.50 WYB any Rubbermaid Beverage Container and 1 Drink Mix (SS 05/06/12) Wonder how much you could score a drink container for??


Crystal Light – $2

$1/2 Crystal Light (SS 05/06/12)

Also, Save $1.50 WYB any Rubbermaid Beverage Container and 1 Drink Mix (SS 05/06/12) Wonder how much you could score a drink container for??



Kraft Dinners – $2.50


Kraft Shredded Cheese – $2.50


A1 – $2.99

$1/1 A-1 Steak Sauce (SS 05/06/12)


Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise – $3

$1.00/2 Kraft Miracle Whip Dressing, Mayo, Homestyle Mayo or Sandwich Shop Mayo (SS 05/13/12)


Cracker Barrel Cheese – $3


Planters Peanuts – $3.49


MIO – $3.99


Planter’s Peanut Butter – $4.99 (UGH – who pays $5 for a jar of PB??)

$1/2 Planters Peanut Butter (SS 04/29/12)


Kraft Cheese Slices – B1G1 FREE (Price??  $3.99 ish  = $2 each??)

  • ·         Does this deal count as 2 items or only 1?



Oscar Mayer Carving Board Cold Cuts – $3.99

$1/1 Oscar Mayer Selects Cold Cuts (SS 04/15/12 #2)


Okay – My scenarios, the CRAZY ones…

6 Country Time = $9 (after Q’s of course)

6 Crystal Light = $9

6 A-1 = $12

6 Bags Shredded Cheese = $15

6 Kraft Slices = $12-$15??

6 Mayonnaise = $15

6 Carving Board (These FREEZE awesome) = $18


=$93, with 1400 BONUS gas points valued at $1.40 off per gallon or $42!!

$93 – $42 = $51 for all of that stuff!! 


Isn’t $51 worth being set for the summer on all of those products??!!


On a lighter note for all you “not so crazy or obsessed couponers” look at the Country Time alone…  6 canisters at $2 each = $12 – 3 $1/2 coupons = $9…  Pay $9 for all 6 and get 200 bonus gas points valued at $6…  $9-$6 = $3 for all 6 – That is only .50 each – UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!! 

How are you going to mix and match to make the deal work??  Do tell –

 I may have to do a few of those deals and that will be our drink – all summer!!

 I am onto Deal #2…  Check Back Soon!!




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  1. Sarah Maglich

    Cheese, cheese and more cheese! I can never have enough and I love when it is included in the gas deals. Hoping I can find coupons for these.

  2. I know Sarah – and it freezes so well!! There are KRAFT Booklets that have cheese coupons… KRAFT FOODS and Kraft 20 Top Seasonal Recipes For 2012… I just don’t know where to get those… ANYONE??

  3. I like the cheese and country time lemonade which i have lots of coupons. So depending on how long it lasts before the product expires i will get that. I love the cheese too:) We go through tons of cheese in my house.

  4. The free cheese in the b1g1 counts toward the # needed toward the gas points, Right? I think it does, I think it is when there is a cat deal it doesn’t, but for gas points it does. Am I wrong???

    • ahhaha…. I just saw that you had that question too.

      • Yeah – I cannot remember having a B1G1 in a Bonus deal before… I probably wont shop until mid week so let me know if you try it first…. Figure I’ll ring up 3 sets and see if the BONUS shows up on the screen…???

  5. Great deals, but unfortunately…our Tops does not have a gas station 😦 I have $2 off/gal. but can’t use it….WWHHAA!!!

  6. the b1g1 cheese count as two for the gas points! Have $.50/1 chrystal light qs from tearpad at Walgreens!!!!! Plus check your game piece coupons for the kraft singles!!!!

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