What’s Up Wednesday… CVS trip – I actually spent some money – LOL!

What is up Buttercups??

Really – I got nothin’!  Unless of course you wanna talk about this guy:


YEAH…  Not so much…  S-I-C-K!!

So anyhow, I went to CVS today…. Look at this score:

I did mine and my Momma’s cards and so I did double the deals!  Each one included –

3 Hellmans – $10.50 – 3 $1 Q – $3 ECB = $4.50/3 or $1.50 each!! (KILLER PRICE!!)

A FREE  heat patch – $1.87 – $1.87 ECB = FREE!!

Qtip’s – $2.50- $.30 = $2.10 each (Probably too much but we needed them!)

Mine, 6 Body Wash at $2 each = $12 – 3 B1G1 Free Q – $4 ECB = $2 for 6 or only $.34 each!!

Mom, 8 Kids Suave Wash at $1.50 each = $12 – 4 B1G1 Free Q – $4 ECB = $2 for 8 or only $.25 each!!

So – I spent some money ($17) but what I got was awesome!!  I’ll give 1/2 to Mom and that will be payment for another night of babysitting…  So I figure I am ahead again!!

Anyone shopping this week – Do tell!!



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  1. Using my ecb’s, coupons, clearance, and sales I got over 300.00 worth of product for just tax 🙂 I don’t know how to post a pic or I would 😦 so I will try to put a link to it on fb lol.


  2. FYI – Dont kill your selfs for the Hellman’s… They are part of the BONUS gas point deal next week at Tops and you can grab them even cheaper!!

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