What’s Up Wednesday ~ My shopping trip, $91 worth for only $27, That’s what!!

See that??  That is $90.90 worth of groceries that cost $54.05  BUT I received 900 BONUS gas points worth $27 in FREE gas so $54 – $27 FREE gas = $91 worth of goods for only $27!!   This trip includes; 12 Lipton sides, 6 dressings, 4 Ragu, 2 I can’t believe its not butters, 2 packs bakery bagels, 2 packs marshmallow, hot dog and hamburger buns, 2 lg. packs of Italian sausage, 8 Reynolds wraps, and 4# grapes!!

I rock!!!

Big Note:  See these Lipton Sides ^ We love these (found some awesome new flavors tonight too – Hello Baby Back BBQ rice…although Garlic shells and bacon mac. are our favorites!!) and just being $1 each is a killer deal but the whole “buy 8 get 200 gas points worth $6”, makes them $2 for 8 or only $.25 each!!   I got 12 tonight as part of 3 of the bonus deals but plan on getting 24 more if I can.  We use 2 bags at once and there is plenty of leftover… and if we have them once per week that will get us through more than a few months.

$ .25 a piece – now that is the REAL DEAL!!

Grab some of your secret stash money  – or change from under/in the couch and buy as many of these as you can –

 but in multiples of 8 of course!!  Did you get some??  How are your gas points??


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