Tops Policy Changes… What do you think??

Tops UPDATED their coupon policy…  I am not sure what these “changes” will mean or even how Tops will ‘institute’ the restrictions but I do know that I do NOT like what I am seeing… 

You can review Tops Coupon policy HERE!

 Here are some of the ‘points’ that caught my eye…


The GOOD –


  • If you forget to use your paper coupons at the time of purchase, we will accept them with your receipt and TOPS BonusPlusSM for up to seven (7) days beyond the date on the receipt, provided that the coupon has not expired.


The BAD –

  • TOPS does not guarantee in stock conditions on products for manufacturer paper coupons, Click-to-Card coupons, paper internet coupons or $1 Coupon Doublers. Rain Checks will not be issued for any manufacturers’ coupon, Click-to-Card Coupon or $1 Coupon Doubler.


  • Where available, TOPS GasPoints® earned on the redemption of manufacturers’ paper coupons limited to 10 coupons/100 TOPS GasPoints® per household, per day. TOPS GasPoints®: offer excluded from TOPS store coupons, Super Coupons and Click-to-Card coupons. Offer applicable during TOPS GasPoints® earning time periods. See for details.


The UGLY –

  • When available, TOPS limits $1 Coupon Doublers to four (4) $1.00 manufacturers’ paper coupons, per household per week, paired with a TOPS $1 Coupon Doubler redeemable during the current offer period only. Coupons of less than or greater than $1.00 value can not be paired with a $1 Coupon Doubler.


WHAT ????   

We can only get credit for 10 coupons per day?? 

And worse yet, they are saying we can only use 4 dollar doublers during the week of dollar doublers?? 




Now – let me say, Tops has ALWAYS reserved the right to limit our coupons… 

But what do you think of these ‘changes’?  Think they will actually implement them? 



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  1. Wow, I hope they dont implement them. Dollar Doubler week would suck!! I think they will lose alot of business if they do.

    • I know Robin – but then again – maybe they are marketing geniuses and this is just a ploy to get everyone talking about TOPS… I mean seriously this new UPDATED policy list is going viral!!

    • I know RIGHT Cheryl!!!! We will see though… It will probably just be business as usual… that is what I am hoping!! The next Dollar Doubler may be tough though…. hahaha

  2. It down right blows!!! I am disgusted by the whole thing. My Tops shopping will be decreased by far. There stock was finally up and now it will plunge.

  3. I don’t quite understand #2 on your list. Where they giving rc for mf coupons? and rc for dd?

    It is going to cut down on my shopping there if they do enforce these rules.

    • Hi Ida – Yeah, I am not excited by this at all, but I am wondering if and HOW it will all be enforced…. as far as RC on DD – my store would write a RC for the amount total and if $15 total, they would deduct $4 and staple the 4 $1 doublers to the RC… It was awesome!! I never missed a deal – even Sat at 11:30 PM – LOL!!
      But again – every store will still make their own policies… this is just an “in-writing” ruling so we can’t argue if they follow to a tee… BLECH!!!!

  4. doesn’t sound that much different than before but I don’t know wth click to card coupons are

    • Hi Jessica – I think the biggest difference is that the limitations are now spelled out! Of course every store and every cashier could vary the “rules” but now if they tell you NO to something like doing more than one dollar doubler order – it is spelled out and they are right!! Click to Card is a semi-new thing… usually the store site will offer Q’s you can click on and it will be added to your card… the issue with these though is that one on your card overrides any you have and if yours is better, you potentially lose out… Pluses and Minuses… ???

  5. I am disappointed with this new policy. Saving money on gas and food was an incentive I enjoyed. It was one of my reasons for shopping at Tops. Now that I have limits on the amount of coupons I use. I do think I will be shopping a lot more at Wegamans. At least when I shop at Wegamans I am not treated like a villain when I use coupons. I do think this may affect their business.

  6. YUCK this stinks

  7. If this happens Tops will loose A LOT of money from my house! I will just go back to Walmart or another store bc it won’t be worth it.

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