Monday Matchups – of a different kind…LOL

Monday Matches… Surfing the gigantic world wonder web and figure you may be just as interested in the things I find, as I am – LOL – I know !!

So – Crafty pants that I am – yeah…. I was looking up how to make my own etched wine glasses cuz you know they sold beautiful ones at the wine festival but I just knew I could do it myself for ¼ of the cost… Anyhow this tutorial  (from Gabriel’s Good Tidings) makes it sound so easy and I am guessing I can pick up this:  ARMOUR ETCH at my local Michael’s…???  Where are my crafty friends??  Anyone ever try this??

This also reminds me that I have to share some of the fun we had at the Wine Festival with you…  I laugh when I think of the changes over the years… this was our 13th year and we know we are getting old because the food has become more important than the alcohol!!  Back in the day we sometimes remembered to grill hotdogs and open bags of chips and cookies…  now we have competitions to come up with the best camp food and BEST FOOD it is!!  In one weekend, we ate out on the waterfront, we did a seafood boil where we had so many KING crab legs that there were LEFTOVERS…Can you even imagine??  Everyone ate so much and was so full that crab legs just lay on the platter…  HONESTLY!  The next night we had steaks that were over 1.5 inches thick and after cooking you could cut them with a butter knife.  This is all in addition to some of the best appetizers and sides that I have ever tasted – AND some pretty fun blender drinks to boot!!  This is camping at its finest people…  22 of us this year, It was AWESOME!!!  Not to mention my cliff diving debut – but that is a whole ‘nother story….  LOL!!  AND – I really did have some wine… and some really GREAT stuff too!  A sparkling Moscato… the absolute best!!

So yeah, anyhow, back to the whole food thing , regardless of my horrid lack of blogging right now I am still doing the whole meal planning thing and being that we are busier than EVER right now I am really trying to plan out meals so we are eating at home cheaper and healthier (??) than a drive thru or pizza… or FAIR food to the tune of $50 for everyone to have a snack (Wholly HELLO)!!!!  But man those bloomin’ onions are good!!  …and maple cotton candy and fresh lemonade and fries in a bucket with vinegar and “cookie dough” (fried dough) as CK calls it….  Yummo but seriously, the good ole’ Genesee County Fair, she ain’t what she used to be…sad, soo sad!!

Okay so in my meal planning and constant perusal of the web I have found a few recipes/meals that I have to try…  My friend Didi posted these awesome Potato Pancakes which will go great with our Sloppy Joes this week.  Then for our chicken night, I have been trying to find a “sticky chicken” type recipe that we all love and, in addition to tons of great looking desserts like smores bars, I finally found this chicken one I could throw in the crock pot.  Then there is this Golden Baked Zuchini recipe and Crunchy Asian Slaw from one of my new favorite sites and since I was going through this site I also decided the kids and I would try these pizza snowballs on Ks golf night. 

So also, just to share, my “INKY BINKY BUBBA JOE”  is off to camp for a whole week and so far I haven’t crumbled COMPLETELY so good….  The utter independence of that child amazes me… I’m pretty proud and sad but mostly PROUD!! 

Shopping?  Deals??  How was your weekend???????



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  1. Awwww, thank you so very much for the link Michelle, your the best!! I hope you try them, so easy and delicious!!

    Meanwhile, I have a “bone to pick with you”!! Yes, yes I do!! You were supposed to let me know about the wine festival, member??? ^sigh^
    Again I have to live vicariously thru you (lol), and I couldn’t eaten the leftover crab legs!! Blasphemy I say!! 😉


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