Sunday Funday – or not… Meal Planning is back!

Sometimes my Sundays are so exciting I can hardly stand it….  Today my life is meal planning!!

Do you ever feel like you are gonna explode??  So much to do, so little time – how do we fit it all in??  The more I think about this I realize that so many times I have been involved in something and the key is always organization and organization – SADLY – is not my thing!  Anyone with me here?? 

Anyhow, we (as a family) are back to full force, gung ho, sports…and that means Football and Cheerleading almost every night and full days on Saturdays for the next 2 months… so as bad as it is , the laundry can actually pile up but I still have to feed these people in my house and we are struggling with having meals ready because as I said – WE ARE NEVER HOME!!!  I decided what really worked for us was when I made a meal plan for the week and we stuck to it.  As I ALWAYS say, I shop the deals and then plan our meals around what we have on hand…  so I am yet again going to try to post and stick to a meal plan…and to of course print it and post it on my fridge so I can get my whole gang on board.  I know I am one of the lucky ones with a husband who likes to cook so as long as we come up with a plan and it is well known, he will prepare the goods so we can actually enjoy a hot, semi nutritious meal – even if it is at 8:30 some nights – rather than pizza or take out every night of the week!  Don’t get me wrong, we will still do pizza and take out… probably a lot more than most but hey – it’s a start….  Let me tell you how I spent my day – after making a planning list of course….

Today I worked on preparing lots of goods to get us through the week… I made “sauce”  – you know, my version of “cranked up Ragu” and I am making 2 lasagnas.  One for tonight and one for the freezer.  I also froze a pound of the meat mixture I use; cooked burger, sausage, peppers and onions and will have that for another pasta meal or maybe a “sausage bread” for another time.  Because of the amount of sauce I did up, I was also able to freeze a large container of that as well and can plan on another quick pasta night or the base for a pot of chili…  Because I was “slaving” away in the kitchen, I also fried up a pound of bacon for our BLT Pitas this week and 2 packs of brown and serve sausages for the kids to heat and eat.  Then because I was on such a roll, I made some egg muffins in my muffin top tin and we can heat and eat those with muffins or bagels for a quick breakfast.  I pulled a turkey out of the freezer so we could use that for a big crock pot meal – with tons of planned leftovers!  I cleaned and cut up carrots, peppers, celery and cukes and threw them in the fridge for easy snacks.  Then I made some of our favorite No-Bake Peanut Butter Cookies and a batch of brownies.  WOW – sometimes I even amaze myself… so here is the basic meal plan:

Sunday:  Lasagna Dinner

Monday:  Practice Night, BLT Pitas with Tortillas and Salsa

Tuesday:  Practice Night, Beans and Weenies in the Crock – Hot and ready to throw on a bun when we get home.  Veggies and Dip go perfectly with this.

Wednesday:  In’laws coming over – and we have 17 different fundraisers going on right now so we have to bribe them with some good food so it’s the “turkey in the crock” night… easy stuffing and frozen corn for sides!

Thursday:  Practice Night again, Marlboro Man Sandwiches which I made and froze last week…   we can throw the meat in the crock before practice so it’s hot and ready to go when we get home.  Will have some fresh fruit to go with these – depending what I pick up at the Farmers Market that day at lunch.

Friday:  I have the day off so after my mani-pedi, massage, shopping spree and casino tour, I will pick up our catered dinner….  and then when my three kids wake me up from actually believing that is my life I will come up with something amazing to make with my turkey dinner leftovers – after I take a group of “sweet kids” to Darien Lake for the afternoon.  Probably a turkey pot pie or turkey shepard pie type meal but I have to look up some recipes.  Ideas anyone??

Saturday:  First Games of the season… Taking the picnic bag full of great healthy snacks but will surely have some concession food for lunch and Pizza out with friends afterwards.  Anyone wanna go out for pizza??

Sunday:  Starting the process over for the following week but planning on cooking a large pot roast for a nice dinner and lots of extra meat for meals during the week.

So – what did you do today???



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