Some TOPS deals to plan on for next week – Just a start….

Stock up Prices on a few items we always use!!

TOPS next week looks very good… and I need a few things so I decided to post what I think are the best deals as I come across them…  This is a start….  Items that are a great deal on sale even though there are not any coupon match-ups for them!

FIRST – Some great FRUIT prices: 

  • ·         Grapes – $1.49 / lb
  • ·         Bananas – .39/ lb.
  • ·         Oranges – $2.97 / lb.
  • ·         Blackberries – B1G1 FREE

Nice Deal on TOPS 12” PIZZA – B1G1 FREE (awesome to have on hand!!)

My favorite – TOSTITO CHIPS and SALSA – 2/$4 or $2.00 each * Last week I was out of these and needed for a dip – I paid $4.69 for one bag – OMG!!!

$10/10 Items – w/HOT deal:  BUY 10 get a FREE Peter Pan Peanut Butter (sale price of $2.50)

  • ·         Slim Jims
  • ·         Hunts Snack Pack Puddings
  • ·         Crunch n Munch
  • ·         Banquet Pot Pie or Value Meals
  • ·         Chef Boyardee Cups
  • ·         Hunts Tomatoes

What do you think  – are any of these deals up your alley??

Stay tuned for more TOPS match-ups and of course the drug stores tomorrow… PSSST – I saw quite a few GREAT freebies at Rite-aid!!





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