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Rite-aid ~ week of 12/2/2012


NIVEA (Photo credit: Welcome to my B&B)

Rite Aid is keeping me ‘in the game’ with odd ball little deals each week.  This week I will roll my UPS and get FREE Nivea Lip Care;  The Deal is:  Buy $15 worth of Nivea and get $5 UPS… and you can do it 2x!!


Nivea Lip Care – 2/$5
Buy (6) = $15
– (3) $3/2 Nivea Lip Care 12/02/2012 RP Insert
Get $5 UP+ wyb $15 (limit 2)
= $1 for all 6 or only $.17 each!! 


You can also nab some cheap Blistex, Cough Drops and Candy Canes:


Blistex Lip Care – 3/$4.98 (must buy 3)
– $0.55/1 Blistex, Moisture Melt, Cold & Allergy Lip Soother, Five Star Lip Protection, Complete Moisture or Lip Ointment 11/11/2012 SS Insert
Get $2 UP+ wyb 3 (limit 2)
= $1.33, or as low as $.44 each wyb 3!!


Luden’s Cough Drops – $.99
– $1/2 Luden’s, 25 ct or 30 ct, bags 10/21/2012 SS Insert
= $.49 each wyb 2!


Bob’s Candy Canes – 2/$2.00 (must buy 2)
Get $1 UP+ wyb 2 (limit 2)
= $.50 each wyb 2


Other Good Deals


Axe Body Spray, Deodorant, Shampoo, Conditioner or Body Wash – 2/$9 (must buy 2) / $5 UP+ wyb $15 (limit 2)
– $2/1 Axe, shower gel, 16 oz or detailer 12/02/2012 SS Insert (exp 12/30/2012)


Get a $2 UP WYB (3) 7-Up or Diet 7-Up 2 Liter@ 3/$3.99( limit 2)

=$3.99, Get a $2 UP

= $1.99/3 or .66¢ each!


Progresso Panko Crispy Bread Crumbs  – 2/$3

-$1 Progresso Panko Crispy Bread Crumbs 11/18 SS

= $1/2 or .50¢ each


Bounty Towels Single Rolls  – .89¢

– $1/2 Bounty Towels or Napkins 11/25 PG

= as low as .39¢ each wyb 2!


So, will you be hitting Rite-aid ??



CVS ~ week of 12/2/12


English: An iTunes Gift Card

English: An iTunes Gift Card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WHOA… CVS is actually worthy of a post again this week!  Mainly because my life revolves around buying iTunes gift cards and this is a killer deal (see below).  If you haven’t stopped yet this week, do so and get the magic coupon for $5 ECB, then you too can plan ahead for:


WYB $50 worth of iTunes or App Store Gift Cards – Get $10 in ECB  (Limit 1)  
The Key – If you have (2) $5/$25 CVS Coupon Kiosk Coupons (from the big red magic coupon machine, this would be $20 in ECB for $50 worth of  iTunes Gift Cards … only $30!!!


~ But low and behold, while I am there I will have to get my cheapie candy (for holiday cookie making or just eating… your call!) and gum:


Trident or Stride Gum – 3/$3

B1G1 Free Trident single pack – (zip 10001)

= $1/2 or .50¢ each! (my gum stash is depleted so even .50 per pack is a good deal right now)


Hershey Holiday Assorted Candy – 4/$10
$2/2 Hershey’s Kisses, Reese’s, Hershey’s Nuggets, Miniatures, Rolo, York or Hershey’s Bliss Bags, 7.8 oz+
Or – $1/2 Hershey’s, Kisses, Reese’s, Hershey’s Nuggets, Minatures, ROLO, York or Bliss Bags, 7.8 oz+ 11/18/2012 SS Insert (exp 12/09/2012)
Get $3 ECB wyb $10 (limit 2)
= as low as $.75 each wyb 4


 M&M Candies – 4/$10
– $1/2 Mars Holiday, 7.94 – 19.5 oz 12/02/2012 RP Insert (exp 12/25/2012)
Get $3 ECB wyb  $10 (limit 1)
= $1.25 each wyb 4


~ Then there are a few GREAT priced items that I will roll some ECBs on… great stocking stuffers too!!  Well, not the detergent… who wants that in their stocking…  not me, not at that price – LOL – but I am in need and that really is a decent price for detergent!


Carmex Lip Balm – $.99
– $0.55/1 Carmex Lip, conditioner or any 12/02/2012 SS Insert (exp 02/28/2013)
Or: $1/2 Carmex Lip Balm 10/21/2012 SS Insert (exp 12/31/2012)
= as low as $.44


Right Guard or Dry Idea Deodorant or Total Defense 5 Body Wash – $2.99
– $2/2 Right Guard Total Defense 5, Deodorant 11/04/2012 RP Insert (exp 12/02/2012)
Get $1 ECB (limit 1)
= as low as $.99


All Liquid Laundry Detergent 28-32 loads or Mighty Pacs 28ct. – $3.99
$1/1 All Laundry Detergent, liquid, powder, or mighty pacs 12/02/2012 RP Insert

Get $1 ECB (limit 4)
= $1.99


~ A couple GREAT deals that will add on nicely to gifts:


Get a $4 ECB WYB All Pampers Jumbo Pk – $9.99 (limit 1)

-$2 Pampers Diapers or Pants one box or two bags from 11/25 P&G

OR: – $2.00 off ONE Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

= $7.99

Get $4 ECB

= $3.99 (* Perfect add on to a gift at this price!!)


Get a $2 ECB WYB Axe Gift Sets – $9.99 (limit 1)

-$3 Axe  – 12/2 SS

= $6.99

Get $2 ECB

= $4.99 (*This is a NEED for a certain 12 year old…  LOL…  funny how things have changed!!)


~ And finally, only because I have an added q:


Receive a $10 ECB WYB Lumene Time Freeze (limit 1)

Pay $15 and Get $10 ECB

= Final Price $5

(*I have a $5 q from the magic machine, so if you get on too, we can try this FREE)


So what do you think?  Are you hitting CVS this week??


CVS ~ week of 11/18/2012 (4 day ad)

English: An iTunes Gift Card

English: An iTunes Gift Card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hear that??  It is the sound of the bells that whistle and ding to signify the week of BLACK FRIDAY… oh yeah, and Thanksgiving – my favorite holiday and my favorite week of the year all rolled into one – whoohoo!!!

This year CVS has stepped up and is offering the majority of their great specials in the first half of the week…  I mean seriously, there are 29 Freebies, 3 awesome moneymakers and a great deal on iTunes cards (Buy $75 / Get $20 ECB)!

I NEED the iTunes cards for gifts (I am hoping I can do 3-$25 ones) and then I will have the $20 ECB’s to start the rolling…  I am so excited about these CVS deals… I cannot wait to start my shopping and even drug store deals make me super happy!!!

My friend Ann, over at Coupons, deals, and More has the best list for the deals as I have seen (she always does) so I am saying, “Go there, check it out!”  and tell me, are you as psyched as I am to start the shopping??


Monday Matchup ~ $258.17 worth of goods for only $69.63 at Tops!!

3 orders with Total Value = $258.17

Saved $158.54 ($42.14 in coupons alone, which I printed from and right before I left to shop – print your coupons!!),

Total after Savings = $99.63 AND $1.00 in gas savings (a $30 value)

 = $258.17 for only $69.63!!

That is a 73% discount!!


Order #1

5 Dixie Plates (and napkins) / 200 BONUS gas points

5 Bags of Pepperoni / B2 G3 FREE

2 Cookies, 2 Pie Crusts, 1 FREE Gallon Milk

2nd Gallon of Milk

21# Turkey

Total before Savings = $90.03

Total Savings = $62.37 ($16.85 in coupons)

Total After Savings = $27.66 and Scored .30 off per gallon…


Order #2

4 Betty Crocker Cookie

2 Renuzits

6 Kraft Dressings and MH Coffee / 200 BONUS gas points

2 crescent rolls

2 Coffee Mate Creamers

2 Go-gurts

2# Broccoli Crowns

22# Turkey

Total before Savings = $94.68

Total Savings = $56.19 ($13.99 in coupons)

Total After Savings = $38.69 and Another .30 off per gallon = .60 so far…


Order #3

4 cans pineapple

4 boxes Stove Top

6 Kraft Cheese and MH Coffee  /  200 BONUS gas points

Lg. Package Chicken Breasts

3# Bananas

1 lb butter

 1 Cream cheese

Total before Savings = $73.46

Total Savings = $39.98 ($11.30 in coupons)

Total After Savings = $33.48 and Added .40 off per gallon = $1.00 off for total of 3 trips ($30 Value!!)

Best full shopping trip I have had in a long time!  I got lots of stock up items and some fresh fruits and vegetables along with my milk and creamer.  AND 2 HUGE turkeys to freeeze along with my chicken for the week!  I was thrilled!  How about it… are you printing coupons?  Get on it!!!






Thoughtful Thursday ~ My own Political Nonsense??

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It sure has been a while since I’ve had a “Thoughtful Thursday”…   I seriously started a “What’s Up Wednesday” but I got all political and ‘rambley’ and who wants to hear/read about that – right??  Plus I work on Wednesday nights so…. By the time I got home I couldn’t get it all detailed out and I am starting fresh, best of both worlds, I can roll it all into one!

  • ·       The more I try to understand politics, the more ignorant to the whole thing I realize I am…
  • ·       My personal feelings about politics vary greatly from what I “have to” agree with in order to keep my job…
  • ·       I do not believe the President – or anyone – should tell anyone else what to believe in… who they can marry… or what they can do with their own bodies!  Nor do I think any of these matters should be of concern for how our country runs…  Golden Rule – Don’t ask, don’t tell!  Keep your own business private… do unto others and live a good life, that is all that matters – right???
  • ·       Personally I think we need to run our country like a business and if it was my business and my money, there are a whole bunch of programs and people that would get the heave ho!  Oh wait – it is essentially my money…  Talk about a catch 22… I am indeed paid by the US Treasury… hhhmmmm
  • ·       Social “Welfare” programs (not just actual welfare, but all programs) were started for a reason… they do a lot of good but they are abused beyond belief… I do not know how to fix this and OBVIOUSLY no-one else does either!
  • ·       What in the sam-a-lama ding dong is the “electoral college”… Yeah I can go all Wikipedia on the words but seriously????
  • ·       WE have elected to keep President Obama on for four more years… regardless of your political view point, he is one CLASSY man!  He has great plans…  he can’t truly be faulted for all that is wrong with our country…we must hope for the best four years ever… we must get back to basics!  This has to start with every person in every home… 


What are YOU doing to make it work??  Do tell…

Tasty Tuesday ~ Mom’s ‘BEST EVERRRRR’ Chicken Tortellini Soup

A homemade chicken noodle soup with bread

A homemade chicken noodle soup with bread (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Right – for those counting, this is indeed, THREE posts in a row…  LOL!!

So I made this soup… 

I found a recipe, well my friend Shannon sent me a recipe and it sounded so yummy, Chicken soup made with cream and cheese and creamy cheese…oh my… but as I got my pot a simmering, a whole new creation was born…  I tasted the “broth” prior to adding the cream cheese as the original recipe directed and it was so outta this world that I just couldn’t imagine changing it, so I threw away the rest of the directions and simply tossed in a bag of frozen tortellini and what my ‘darling children’ (note the quote – LOL) now refer to as “Mom’s BEST EVERRRRRR Chicken Tortellini Soup” was born!!  I mentioned on facebook that the kids were still talking about it when I tucked them in that night and they were NOT just saying that cuz the only soup they know is Ramen Noodles… seriously!!

One biggie, I always keep shredded chicken on hand for meals… I generally have soup stock as well…  Believe it or not I am quite handy in the kitchen – I have 3 kids, a husband and a dog that are all alive – right??!!  Anyhow, last time I saved cooked chicken it was actually whole breasts that I had basted in Chiavetta’s (Fireman’s Sauce) so that very well may have been the added “yum” this soup had!

Here are my Ingredients:

  • 1 onion, diced small
  • 2 tsp. chopped garlic
  • 4 ribs of celery, diced small
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 8 + cups chicken broth
  • 2 potatoes, chopped
  • 3 carrots, chopped
  • 2 cups cooked chicken, chopped or shredded – I shred…  (remember my chicken was cooked in Chiavetta’s)
  • 1/4 cup flour
  • 1 package frozen tortellini
  • Salt and pepper, LOTS of pepper – to taste

Here are the Directions:

  1. Using a large saucepan/soup pot, cook the onion and garlic in the butter.  I usually quick fry it to start, then turn down and stir frequently until the onions start to get “see-through”…  Oh that smell…  LOVE IT!!!
  2. Add broth, carrots, celery and potatoes. Bring to a boil.
  3. Reduce heat and let simmer until vegetables are tender – I had mine on the stove all day…
  4. Add chicken and the salt and pepper… and then some more pepper!!
  5. To add the flour (which is going to thicken this up a bit) I draw out a cup of broth and put in a separate bowl with the flour, using a fork to whip it getting rid of the lumps. .  Then slowly add this to the pot while stirring. 
  6. Bring to a boil again and stir until thickened.  Then REDUCE to simmer …
  7. Add the package of tortellini, simmering about 15 minutes more…  go ahead try a tortellini… good?  Great – then serve it up with some toasted rolls…  YUM!!!

Next time I may try adding a block of cream cheese (as the original recipe called for) before the tortellini – even though the tortellini was not part of the original recipe, it needs to be added for all that is good about this soup!!

My husband and I – gobbled this soup up!  My kids – they seriously LOVED it, like 2 heaping bowlfuls of LOVE… and if I can make something we all love then all the better!!  Give it a try… let me know what you think….


$.23 pancake mix… oh my!!!

I know, I know… 2 days in a row…

It appears the HOT deal at TOPS this week involves the $4.00 instant savings wyb 6 baking / breakfast items – and a few (a few thousand – LOL) printables from –  so I wanted to make sure everyone got the news!!

Here are my favorites:

 Hungry Jack Pancake Mix 28 (32 oz.) – $2.00
$0.55 printable
= $0.90 each


Hungry Jack Microwavable Syrup (27.6 oz.) – $2.99
$0.55 printable
= $1.89 each


Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk (14 oz.) – $2.00
$0.50 printable
= $1.00 each


Pillsbury Brownie or Cake Mix4 for $5


How you get the best deals – depends on how many coupons you can print:


Best Deal = 3 or more computers to print from: (My personal scenario)


Buy 6 Hungry Jack Pancake Mix 28 (32 oz.) – $2.00
$0.55 printable / doubled
= $0.90 each / Buy 6, use 6 coupons = $5.40

– $4.00 Instant Savings

=$1.40 for all 6 items or only $.23 each!!



Do you have at least 2 computers? (From Amanda at Mom’s Coupon Affair)


Buy 4 Hungry Jack Pancake Mixes @ $2.00 =  $8.00
By 2 Eagle Brand condensed milk @ $2.00 = $4.00
= $12.00
– $4.00 INSTANTLY wyb any 6 participating items
= $8.00
(4) $0.55 Hungry Jack printables /doubled (2 prints per computer)
 (2) $0.50 Eagle Brand printables / doubled
= $1.60 for all 6 items or only $0.27 each!!

Just one computer – print and do this deal: (From Jennifer at Simply Family Savings


Buy 2 Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk, Regular or Fat Free (14 fl. oz. can) 2 for $4
Use 2- $0.50/1 Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk
= $2.00/2 after coupons and store doubling or $1.00 each


Buy 2 Hungry Jack Pancake Mix Selected Varieties (28-32 oz. box) 2 for $4
Use 2- $0.55/1 Hungry Jack Pancake Mix or Syrup
= $1.80 after coupons and store doubling or $.90 each


Buy 2 Pillsbury Classic Brownies or Cake Mix Selected Varieties Cake Mix (15.25 oz.) or Selected Pillsbury Brownies (19.5 oz. box) –4 for $5
= $2.50 w/no coupons used or $1.25 each


= $6.30 – $4.00 Instant Savings
=$2.30 for all 6 items or only $.38 each!!


Wow – what a price!!  Thanks Amanda and Jennifer!!  Please do click through to their blogs and print from their coupon links… it helps to support their awesome sights!!


A day in the life ~

English: Stack of books in Gould's Book Arcade...

English: Stack of books in Gould’s Book Arcade, Newtown, New South Wales (NSW), Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey friends… It has been a while hasn’t it…?

I know my posts have been quite sporadic but I thought I would give you a peek at what is going on even when I am home and have some time to myself…

I actually made plans to join my deal blogging buddies for a little meet up in Cheektowaga on Sunday so I knew I had to do all of my ‘weekend’ cleaning on Saturday. I started with the kitchen counter where I came across a stack of books from my mother in law. I read a LOT and love that she brings me books but what keeps happening is the same books keep re-appearing… so I have started writing my initials inside the front cover. I think of the stack of books in my room and head in there to begin writing my initials in the books there that I have already read. This still  leaves a stack of books I DO want to read but more importantly I need something to put these books in so it doesn’t look so “junky” in the corner of my room. So I set out to find a rack or shelf or something… I trudge down to the basement to look in my ‘house wares department’ and see many baskets and these baskets make me think of the totes from Thirty-one which reminds me our girl scout fundraiser is this week and I need to send out some emails. So back upstairs and onto the computer to send the emails inviting friends and family and since I am on the computer I might as well check the blogs and Pinterest. On Pinterest I see some recipes for Christmas Cookies and thinking of Christmas I have to start my shopping and I remember an email from Justice about a huge weekend sale and I knock a couple things off my list. This then reminds me of the sale on my unfinished collection of dishware from At Home America. Once on that site, I remember my existing plate cupboard actually could use a re-haul so I head back out to the kitchen and look to the counter where I could stack the plates and right there, IN FRONT OF ME is the blasted stack of books from 4 hours ago… OYYYYY!!!!

How does a person find the time… LOL… I have missed you FRIENDS!!!!

Leave me a comment, let me know how you are – PLEASE!!!