Thoughtful Thursday ~ My own Political Nonsense??

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It sure has been a while since I’ve had a “Thoughtful Thursday”…   I seriously started a “What’s Up Wednesday” but I got all political and ‘rambley’ and who wants to hear/read about that – right??  Plus I work on Wednesday nights so…. By the time I got home I couldn’t get it all detailed out and I am starting fresh, best of both worlds, I can roll it all into one!

  • ·       The more I try to understand politics, the more ignorant to the whole thing I realize I am…
  • ·       My personal feelings about politics vary greatly from what I “have to” agree with in order to keep my job…
  • ·       I do not believe the President – or anyone – should tell anyone else what to believe in… who they can marry… or what they can do with their own bodies!  Nor do I think any of these matters should be of concern for how our country runs…  Golden Rule – Don’t ask, don’t tell!  Keep your own business private… do unto others and live a good life, that is all that matters – right???
  • ·       Personally I think we need to run our country like a business and if it was my business and my money, there are a whole bunch of programs and people that would get the heave ho!  Oh wait – it is essentially my money…  Talk about a catch 22… I am indeed paid by the US Treasury… hhhmmmm
  • ·       Social “Welfare” programs (not just actual welfare, but all programs) were started for a reason… they do a lot of good but they are abused beyond belief… I do not know how to fix this and OBVIOUSLY no-one else does either!
  • ·       What in the sam-a-lama ding dong is the “electoral college”… Yeah I can go all Wikipedia on the words but seriously????
  • ·       WE have elected to keep President Obama on for four more years… regardless of your political view point, he is one CLASSY man!  He has great plans…  he can’t truly be faulted for all that is wrong with our country…we must hope for the best four years ever… we must get back to basics!  This has to start with every person in every home… 


What are YOU doing to make it work??  Do tell…


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  1. well, the electoral college is rediculous. Unfortunately it was the republicans that chose not to change it recently.

    As I was driving down the street this morning I was thinking that the republican party doesn’t seem like an inclusive party. It needs to seriously look at itself and welcome voters from all walks of life.

    I agree…so much waste in government programs.

    Saw a business owner on tv that said his health insurance rates are going up 30%. If he passes some of that on to workers I not sure they wil be able to pay their bills. How come when I was a kid we went to the pediatrician once a year for shots and a check up. My mom when to the gyny 1 x per year. My father went to an internist when he was sick. Nobody was taking meds.

    oh my real pet peeve…it is probably more important to go to the dentist than to a doctor!

    I have been to many doctors in the past 3 years . Many were specialists who don’t have a clue how to look at the big picture. I really needed to see a neurologist but it is hard to get a neurology appointent on Medicaid….minimum wait of 3 – 6 months.
    When i got on medicare I could go.

    Being on disability I would like to get better and go back to work, but I ave some challenges!

  2. Agh Wendy – it rarely makes sense…right?? I wish I could do something….

  3. what do you think about drivers that cut you off or won’t let you merge?

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