That new start… the FRIEND edition!

So… here it is, January 3rd… who fell off the “resolution” wagon already?  LOL  See that is why I don’t put too much un-do pressure on myself and I ease into some EASY / FUN resolutions!

I started this series with my first focus on ‘numero uno’ – myself ,HERE and I promised myself I would plan out and detail my other two areas of focus as well.  I am thinking about the FRIENDS category now…  I stated before that I have so much fun when I get to see my friends – my girl friends, my couples friends, old friends, new friends…. Pink friends, blue friends!  I LOVE spending time with friends and honestly it happens all to INfrequent!!  So what to do?  How can I resolve to ensure we get together and spend more time together?  We always say we will and honestly time just passes… the holidays gave us a few extra ‘excuses’ to actually get together and that is what truly made me want to focus on making sure we do it more!  And as I have already stated, you have to have a plan… so I am making a plan… a plan needs to include a who, what, where, and when….  So here gos:

WHO:  Girls’ nights (anytime) out with my ‘girl’ friends, couples’ date nights with my “couples” friends and family outings and plans with friends and their families

WHAT and WHEN:  That is the question…  What if I say one outing with each group on rotating months. Families in January, Date Night in February, Girl’s outing in March… and so on for every month of the year!  I know it seems kinda crazy to “plan your fun” but hey – I am thinking at least then if it is actually planned it at least has a chance of happening, am I right?? 

WHERE:  Well this requires a list of activities appropriate to each group of friends…  Starting with Family ideas – Planning January’s outing I would hope for a “snow” day but of course in WNY you cannot count on the weather for anything so we also need a back-up plan… maybe bowling?  Ice skating?  What else is there to do locally?  Do those snow tubes places always make snow?  How about the local hotel water park?? 

February date night… easy, it will be a Saturday night – meet at a local pub or someone’s home for cocktails, then we’ll head to an area restaurant for a late awesome meal.  It will be open invitation to either or both and with a little bit of effort we will have drinks or dinner with more than a few great couples!  Even our little tiny town has numerous restaurants of varying cost and this can be as cheap or as expensive as you choose!

Girls’ night out – do I really have to wait until March?  I may have mentioned that I am living in the town I grew up in, my friends’ have kids who are now my kid’s friends!  Life is really pretty awesome – well maybe not for the kids that everyone knows no matter where they go – hahahaha!  Anyhow – I digress, my point was about the friends I have known forever… we all had kids about the same time and when all the children were little we made a point of getting together for playdates with the kids and even for Mom’s night outs… Pink Hats Anyone??  Who misses it??  Then the darn vagrants sweet angels all started growing up and getting lives and we have to run them now and can hardly make our own plans.  Seriously – whose social life is more important?  Well, I’m takin’ it back suck-as (say it like a mobster – go ahead, you know you wanna!!)!!  Lalalala – gawd – I blab don’t I… anyhow… a girlfriend night out… of course we can go to a bar or to dinner but I am trying to think of some fun – different – options.  How about bringing our own wine to a craft type place… make your own pottery perhaps?  Or what about a cooking class?  Wine paring with foods maybe?  A spa night?  Private shopping hours at a local store? 

So – Anyone have any GREAT ideas for cheap, family fun during the winter??  What do you do??

Date Nights – do you make time for them with friends?  Where do you like to go?

Girl’s Night Out – what are your fun ideas?

* Don’t worry tomorrow I will have some deal posts for you and they won’t be near as long winded… but in the mean time –

Which activitie are you joining me for – and when and where???  Let’s Chat!!!


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