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Some instant soup come in tins (or cans). They...

Some instant soup come in tins (or cans). They are basically like cold soups that just need to be heated. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New Year = New Focus, right??!! 

Let’s all work together on the best way to stock up on the best deals….  I am a firm believer that you have to budget and plan, so my focus is going to be on using a little bit (maybe $10 or $20) extra each week to build an awesome stockpile.  Listed below are the deals I feel are worth additional investment…  You have to invest a little to start the stockpile, but once you build the stockpile you can meal plan and eat from it and use your weekly grocery budget to buy more of the awesome deals – cheaper and actually then reduce your grocery expense!

 This week there is a Ground Beef Meal Deal, a Soup Catalina to roll and a Gas Point Soup Deal plus lots of yogurt coupons and deals and some options to get super cheap Cheerios, Fiber One Bars, Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks and even Toaster Strudel –

 So – in addition to your regular grocery needs, these are the items I would use my money to stock up on!


Ground Beef Meal Deal – Buy 1 Big pack of Fresh Ground Beef (4-5 lb.), get 9 Items Free:

Bush’s Best Chili or Kidney Beans

Del Monte Canned Tomatoes

McCormick Chili Seasoning

Fresh Express Iceburg Garden Salad

Tops Soft Cookies

All Natural Steamables Vegetables

Campbell’s Gravy

Simply Mashed potatoes

Pepsi 1.5 Liter

 Is this a GOOD deal??  4 lbs of burger at $3.99/lb(??) = $16.00  BUT you get 9 FREE items, so: 

I give the FREEBIES a value of $8 (which is all I would ever pay for all of that) so deduct $8 from the $16 and you have $8.00 for 4 lbs of beef which is $2.00 per lb. – This is a good deal for burger AND you have the makings of two awesome meals (chili and meatloaf) and about 2 extra lbs. of burger for the freezer!! 

 I will most likely do this deal twice, once as part of my weekly grocery budget utilizing the two meals this week and once more just to add all of the items to my stockpile!!


Soup Catalina:

Campbell’s Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soup – $1.00
CATALINA DEAL – Meaning when you buy the required amount, you will get a coupon at check out:
Receive $4.00 wyb 10 of Campbell’s soup or Receive $10.00 wyb 20 of Campbell’s soup
Coupons to use: 
$0.40 off any (3) Campbell’s Condensed Soups (will double)
Save $1.00 on any five (5)Campbell’s Condensed Soups

Deal Ideas:

Buy 10 Campbell’s soup =  $10
Use 3  $0.40 off any (3) Campbell’s Condensed Soups 

Get  $4.00 Catalina = $3.60 or $0.36 each after coupons and Catalina

Buy 20 Campbell’s soup = $20
Use 6 $0.40 off any (3) Campbell’s Condensed Soups 
Get $10 Catalina = $5.20 or $0.26 each after coupons and Catalina



Campbell’s 100% Natural Soup – $2.00 
Buy 2 and use the $0.75 off any (2) Campbell’s 100% Natural soups = $1.25 each after coupon
Deal Idea:

Buy 6 Campbell’s 100% Natural Soup – $12.00

Use 3 $0.75 off any (2) Campbell’s 100% Natural soups coupons

= $8.50
BUT – Get 200 Extra Gas Pts wyb 6 ($6.00 value) 

= $2.50 or $0.41 each after coupons and Gas Pts


 Yoplait Yogurt Cups -$0.50
Buy 6 ($3.00) and use the $0.40 off 6 cups Yoplait Yogurt (doubled = .80)
Save 40¢ when you buy SIX CUPS (6) any variety Yoplait® Yogurt  from
= $2.20 – Get back $0.40 SavingStar
= $1.80 for 6 or $0.30 each after coupons and SavingStar!


Yoplait Trix Yogurt 4 pack or Go-Gurts – $2.00
$0.85/2 printable coupon
= $1.15 each after coupon


Yoplait Fruplait Multipacks – $2.00
Use the $0.50 off Yoplait Fruplait™ Yogurt Multipacks
LOAD BEFORE SHOPPING: Save 50¢ when you buy any (1) flavor Yoplait® Fruplait™ Yogurt Multipacks from

=$0.50 after coupon and SavingStar


General Mills Cereal – $1.50 each
Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Whole Grain Total
$0.50/1 Original Cheerios printable coupon
= $0.50 each after coupon


General Mills, Fiber One  90 Calorie Bars -$1.50 (MUST BUY 4 to get SALE PRICE)
Use 2 $0.40 off 1 box Fiber One 90 Calorie Chewy Bars
Use 2 $0.40 off 1 box Fiber One 90 Calorie Chewy Bars
LOAD BEFORE SHOPPING: Save 40¢ when you buy ONE (1) BOX any flavor Fiber One® 90 Calorie Chewy Bars or Fiber One® 90 Calorie Brownies from

=$0.60 each after coupons and SavingStar


Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot, Gushers or Fruit Roll Ups – $1.50
Use the $0.50 off 2 Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes
LOAD BEFORE SHOPPING: Save 50¢ when you buy TWO (2) BOXES any flavor/variety Betty Crocker® Fruit Snacks from
=$0.75 each after coupon and SavingStar


Pillsbury Toaster Strudel – $2.00
Buy 3 and use the $0.85/3 printable coupon
= $1.15 each after coupon


So you see…You can grab tons of great deals for quite cheap… I will be shopping today to show you how this rolls out… pictures soon to follow!  In the mean time –


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  1. Hey Michelle, Anyway to make these great deal postings printable?

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