Thoughtful Thursday ~ Volunteering AND French Toast…


Picture of french toast

Picture of french toast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“In life, you get what you put in.  When you make a positive impact in someone else’s life, you also make a positive impact in your own life!” ~marcandangel

 On this THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY… I began a “ranting” post about VOLUNTEERING and as I wrote it  – griping about: possibly doing too much and not being properly appreciated and hating all the bureaucratic baloney and thinking I have two jobs where I am at least paid to put up with all that nonsense, I received a few doses of reality… One being the quote above… two being the time I spent with my kindergartener helping his class today and three being the answer I received when I posed the question on facebook (BTW – are we facebook friends??): 

“Can anyone re-enforce why I volunteer – right now??”    

The BEST answer: 

“You have THREE amazing reasons!” 

I can hardly write it with the tears welling up in my eyes… can you say P.M.S. “Super Sap” with me??

So saving the ranting for another day and realizing I volunteer for my kids – not for me, not for the GLORY (oh yeah), not for the overnights I get to spend with 10 girls on some rock hard ground somewhere, not for the utter chaos and ANXIETY I experience while 30 some boys of all ages have their own meetings, not for the DRAMA and HURTFULNESS I have seen and felt while parents vie for the right to heard regarding youth sports, not for the parents’ I seriously want to punch in the head (really – should I even be a volunteer??)… but for MY KIDS… and MY KID’S friends… and MY KID’S friend’s parents (the good ones)… and for MY KIDS friend’s parents that have now become my friends (good NEW friends are just as hard to come by as good OLD friends are to keep up with)…  you know what?? 

It is TOTALLY worth it!!!!!


You know what else is worth it?  Bacon Stuffed French Toast…  OMG… check it out on my friend Didi’s site:  Dishin with Didi HERE

Yeah, then, there is the beginnings of the planning for next week’s deals… and I come across my friend Amanda from Mom’s Coupon Affair HERE talking about these FREE raisins… and I want to put these raisins in my stuffed French toast too!!

So – that’s it… my THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY post…  I am gonna keep on volunteering (whether I want to or not) and I am gonna make bacon stuffed French toast… 

How about you?  What are your thoughts?? 

Let’s Chat!!




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  1. That answer was the perfect one:) At some point as you start to grow older you assume that all the nonsense/unkindness/drama will get better and when you see it not happening as much as we’d all hoped you just have to have roll with it so to speak the best way you can! I think the 2013 “you” and the effort you are making to stick with it is inspiring Michelle. We can only control ourselves and by showing our children a happy positive perspective on life it’s one of the precious gifts we want to pass along to them. I have missed you blogs and greatly enjoy them:) have a wonderful day and long weekend! Woohoo!

  2. Phewwwww!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God for bacon stuffed french toast!! You make me smile…Thank you.

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