Weekly Meal Plan

I am adamantly working on the RA and TOPS deals for the week (and getting clothes ready for the consignment sale I swear!!)…there are a TON of deals!!  I was side-tracked with meal planning for the week –BIGGIE with the Super Bowl this week…  and I have Amish Friendship Bread that will be ready this weekend!  Anyone ever used this??  OMG – it is out of this world and I will be dividing soon so let me know if you want a starter! 

So – here is what we are eating – how ‘bout you??




SUNDAY:  Lasagna Dinner – making Sauce to have extra frozen for a meal next week and I am making extra Lasagna Roll ups to freeze as well…


MONDAY:   Chicken and Biscuits – or Dumplings – I am looking for a dumpling recipe now…  I have the chicken already frozen from last week and I will make up the “mixture” today so it will become a quick weeknight meal!


TUESDAY:  “Not so Sloppy Joes” – never got to these last week and have been waiting to make this awesomeness that my friend Julie introduced to me…  Grands biscuits, flattened out and filled and folded over sloppy joe mix (Manwich is just to easy), with cheese of course… and baked to perfection….  YUMM – I can’t wait!!  With Tator Tots!!


WEDNESDAY:  Mom works and Dad makes Tacos…WhooHoo


THURSDAY:  Fried Chicken Dinner from Tops (Great Deal this week) with BIG salad


FRIDAY:  Boboli Cheeseburger Pizza or Taco Pizza or “whatever is actually left over from the week” Pizza


SATURDAY:  FAMILY FUN DAY snow or no snow we are going out to do SOMETHING family fun orientated and will eat “OUT”


SUNDAY:  Super Bowl Snacks for Dinner – thinking Potato Skins, Fried Pickles, Sausage Bread, Chicken Wing Dip… all to be served up during the game intervals  because we all know I’ll be glued to the TV during the commercials – BEST part of the Super Bowl!!


So – how is your weekend going?  How about what you plan to eat this week?? 

Fun Super Bowl Plans???   Let’s CHAT!!!!


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  1. Use Bisquick for the dumplings. Its awesome!

  2. I have no clue Michelle!! I’m sitting here attempting to do my narrative essay using the MLA format. Yeah!! Welcome to my world!!

    I have a whole chicken roasting as we speak using Alex G’s from the food network recipe on the ultimate chicken, too freakin die for!! I made a batch of bacon & cheddar potato salad and I will be serving this with romaine lettuce, sliced avocado and homemade vinaigrette.

    The rest of the week? I’ll be danged if I know sweetheart, will be flying off the seat of my pants. But you know, it will be something!! I try to make it total budget friendly too, so that helps!!

    I finally posted on my blog that I will not be posting as much because I am back in school full time and lost my job. Totally blew my mind a local reader (who knew) posted she’s been unemployed for 2 yrs and she was giving me total encouragement!! Brought tears to my eyes, so not joking!!

    Okay, off to pretend to do this narrative, my partner is a horny 55+ yo. Gawdd…. he just looks at me like the wolf with little red riding hood, PERV!!

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