Weekly Meal Plan


Taco Night

Taco Night (Photo credit: joeywan)

Oh my – where did the weekend go?  There was an awful lot of shopping and cooking going on around here and all that only means one thing… a big mess for me to clean up as well!  BUT we had tons of fun at our little Super Bowl Bash– just our family, and now there is actually enough food to get through the whole week!  Thank goodness too cuz we are rocking every single night!




SUNDAY:  Super Bowl Snacks including Didi’s Bacon and Potato Logs, Sausage Bread, Chicken Wing Dip and Hot Cheesey Taco Dip – Stay tuned for the recipes (I took tons of BAD pictures – LOL) and I made lots extra to use for meals during the week.


MONDAY:   Taco Night (the meat burger and chicken is premade and just needs to be heated up)


TUESDAY:  Hot Beef Sammies (Left over’s from last roast in freezer) and Twice Baked Potatoes with all the extra’s from our Super Bowl Foods  – especially the Hot Cheesey Dip, and some steamed broccoli.


WEDNESDAY:  Mom works / Grandma’s coming and bringing Chipped Beef Gravy – SOS!


THURSDAY:  Homemade <crunchy> Chicken Fingers (new recipe) and a BIG salad


FRIDAY:  Pizza Night…  Probably try a Buffalo Chicken Version (from the left over Chicken Wing Dip)


SATURDAY:  Christmas Party – YES, REALLY!  After numerous rescheduling…  so much for the homemade Christmas Candies I made for everyone… they were delicious – TRUST me!!  I plan to bring an appie and a dessert, so I am thinking the Hot Cheesey Taco Dip I made for Super Bowl – it was amazing… and something gooey, chocolatey, and yummy….  Brownie Bites with Caramel Centers and Marshmallow Fudge Frosting perhaps??!!


SUNDAY:  The day of rest… Hardly… Big Turkey Dinner Plans cuz when you have a big dinner with one side of the family you need to plan another with the other side as to spend equal time… or as I look at it, so I cook for everyone equally…LOL… and I have 22 lb. that I need the left-overs from – hahaha


So – how did your weekend go?  How about what you plan to eat this week?? 

Let’s CHAT!!!!



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  1. I don’t have a clue Michelle, LOL But I plan on coming to your house!! 🙂

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