Tasty Tuesday ~ Hot, CHEESEY, Taco Dip (crockpot style, football food)

Most Requested, Hot Cheesey Taco Dip (THANK YOU Jeni Dean)


A while back, my friend Jeni made this super awesome dip of cheesey goodness and she served it up in a football crockpot and all was good in the world for the 37 ½ minutes I stood over said crockpot slurping up the deliciousness…  sweet picture – right??  We had to have this for our Super Bowl gathering and as usual it caused quite a stir on facebook… even the angels commented…  Try it now – and YES, you gotta use REAL Velveeta…  call me, I will find you a coupon!!


  • ·         2 lb. block of Velveeta
  • ·         1 lb. ground beef
  • ·         1 package taco seasoning
  • ·         1 cup sour cream
  • ·         1 cup salsa
  • ·         Tostito SCOOPS for dipping



Brown your ground beef , drain well, add the taco seasoning (just like you are making tacos…  I generally use a little less water than called for – and I generally make up 2-3 lbs. of taco meat at a time and freeze in 1 lb. servings for preplanned meals – are you with me here?)

Cube the whole ENTIRE block of Velveeta (now I throw the cubes in the micro. to start the melting process ‘cus LAWD knows everyone in my house is “starving to death”…)

Mix the melted (or not ) Velveeta, the prepared taco meat and the cup each of Sour Cream and Salsa in your crockpot and leave on low for a scrumptious , hot, cheesey, taco-y, filling dip! (Our favorite way to enjoy it is on Tostito Scoops, but hey, have it your way!!)


~Maybe Velveeta or Tostito should be sending me (and Jeni – of course) some FREE coupons…don-cha’ think??


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  1. Yay for you being the commentor – Pamela!!!

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