Thoughtful Thursday ~ REALLY, am I Nuts??


English: Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, th...

English: Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, the first class day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a downward spiral whirlpool – and although you are indeed an excellent swimmer – you understand even Olympic athletes NEED a break??  Could it be the winter blahs?  Hitting mid-February, nothing exciting since the holidays… holiday bills all in and due, gross weather, dry skin… blah!!!

Ever feel like no matter how you try, anything you are “involved” in or with just becomes a bigger mess?  LOL – NO I am not depressed, I swear – I just really worry about the state of things going on around me…  Know what I mean?

And when I THINK I see something clearly, how come others don’t?  Maybe what I think is so CLEAR really isn’t?  Maybe my version/vision is the ‘twisted’ one?  Wait, why am I second guessing myself when I used to be so confident and assured?  I used to speak up a LOT more… but then again I had different Loyalties” if you will…  was only responsible for myself really…  Now I have VERY different priorities in life…  children whom I have to “nuture”, a marriage that has to be PRIORITY #1, Parents where role reversal has or is occurring, a job, a home… a LIFE! 

But every once in a while…  must be I have a little extra time on my hands… a bit of the old me peaks out and I want to just go ballistic on people – damn be the consequences…  You know what I mean?  I am talking; “Last day of work at McDonalds and you scream at the rude customers to go across the street to Burger King  instead” unleashing or “Bride-Zilla – It’s my wedding and I will have what I want”  type unleashing… and who deserves this type of unleashing right now….

  • ·         The Peer behaving ridiculously at work –
  • ·         The Teacher you are having trouble with because your child (all the children) aren’t the #1 priority –
  • ·         The Friend you TOTALLY see behaving in-appropriately, not very “good” parent like, not very “good” spouse like  –
  • ·         The BRAT child telling their parents,  “I am being Bullied”, yet you KNOW that child is the problem –

So, if I can clearly see the problems with these scenarios – why can’t others???  I mean, I am in no way saying I am perfect – very, very VERY far from it… but I feel I have a handle on my strengths and weaknesses…  if you tell me one of my children are being BAD, I will believe you and act accordingly… if you name the wrong one, I will UNLEASH on you!!!!!!!!!

See – it’s all perspective… mine’s right (of course) and when we disagree…. You are wrong! 

I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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  1. You nuts? Naaaaaa
    The world is my friend… trust me!! ♥

  2. Oh Thank you Didi – I need assured that it is NOT me… you are right – the world is crazy!!! Thank you friend!!!

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