Finally Friday ~ a weekly wrap up and looking forward…


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It’s “FINALLY FRIDAY” ~ WhoooHooo…

How about this weather?  We were on “storm watch” at work all day and even though our school wasn’t canceled, all after-school activities were.  Too bad to, we had a fun skating party planned and my daughter was really looking forward to it…  We actually have a family “Christmas” planned for tomorrow – after many reschedules due to illness etc. and now I wonder what tomorrow will bring…  I will say one thing; If I don’t get my lips locked on the fat face of my new nephew soon I am gonna go nuts!!  Do you hear your Auntie, Jason and Katie??  HELLOOOOOOOO

So – who did some great shopping this week?  I had a killer trip to Rite-aid (you can read about it HERE) and honestly I haven’t even hit TOPS yet because I have been too (?Lazy?) to print all the coupons….  But that cereal deal still needs to be had:  Click HERE for my TOPS deals!  Maybe if I shopped instead of worrying about “Crappy TV” or “Telling People Off” I would be a happier person…  NAH!!!

We did eat really well during the Super Bowl and I shared the recipe for the Cheesey Taco Dip that had everyone talking HERE.

Okay – on to planning next week ~

Coupons to expect this Sunday:  1 Red Plum and 1 Smart Source – Make sure you get both inserts in your paper!

TOPS:  5x Gas Points on Frozen Foods, B2G3 FREE Doritos (cuz you know we are almost out of the 25 bags of chips I got last week – I kid, no really, we still have some!!), a BONUS Gas Point Deal on Poise Products (like FREE) and Kleenex and some great pricing with a Catalina on Beggin’ Strips and Tidy Cat…stay posted!!

CVS:  FREE toothpaste, nail polish and CHEAP bags of chocolate

Rite-aid:   Have I mentioned my deep LOVE for Rite-aid lately??  Oh my – next week Rite-aid rocks!!!   FREE:  Zyrtec, Colgate, Sucrets, light bulbs, and some Wet’n’Wild cosmetics… then super great deals on:  shave gel, Speed Stick and Tresemme…  I can hardly wait for Sunday am!! 

Recipe to Try:  Something fun for Valentine’s Day… Ideas??  I know I have to make some cookies for a FUN night Wednesday too so I will probably opt for these:  Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies but made with Dove hearts….

Other Fun News:  I’ve got nothing…  How about you?  Entertain me… tell me a story… Let’s Chat!!




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