Sunday Funday, Match-ups and Meal Plan ~



Chickens (Photo credit: Allie’s.Dad)

Yeah – we are in the middle of a 4 day weekend and that means I still have one more day to go… whoohooo!!  I have been doing lots of shopping (Tops paid me over $30 and I got over $150 worth of goods FREE) and cooking and I love it!   

Right now I have Italian Roast Chicken and Potatoes in the oven and it smells amazing…  If all goes well I will share that recipe with you on Tuesday (Tasty Tuesday).  I have had time to get together a couple more bags of goods for the Mother Time Market Place Sale (I am getting there Brandy – I will  beat Suzanne Fletcher – LOL)  this is 2 fold beneficial… I have a “boat-load” (like cruise ship size) of clothes in my basement… I will get $ for my stuff and I will be able to use my basement again – we really want a play room and I plan on documenting it all here.  I don’t think anyone will believe what is lurking in my basement – aghhhhh!! 


I am also prepping to go out shopping – AGAIN –  and I am proud to say I have all of the match ups done and posted…  



TOPS Deals this week (CLICK HERE)

Rite-Aid Deals this week (CLICK HERE)

CVS Deals this week (CLICK HERE)


So while I wait for the boys to return from Baseball… I am planning the meals for the week… 


SUNDAY:  Italian Roast Chicken and Potatoes

MONDAY:   Pot Roast – Amazing Meal Number 2… If only I was home every day!!

TUESDAY:  Chicken and Dumplings from Left-overs of Chicken Dinner

WEDNESDAY:  Beef and Noodles from Left-overs of Beef Dinner

THURSDAY:  Pasta Night… Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta Meal with Salad (Another new recipe I will share)

FRIDAY:  Pizza Night…  Trying a Taco Pizza on Boboli Crust… we always have the DiGiorno as back up!!

SATURDAY:  Vegetable Beef Soup – YUMMO – w/cheesy garlic bread

SUNDAY:  LOL- rescheduled from this week – cuz SOMEONE forgot to take the Turkey out of the deep freezer…..  Big Turkey Dinner  – I have 22 lb. that I need the left-overs from!   


So – What ‘chu up to?  Are you going shopping??  AND what are you planning to eat this week?? 

Let’s CHAT!!!!


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