My Monday Matchups ~ REAL Grocery Shopping ~ $231.20 for only $64 ( a 72% savings)!

   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA72% off – OMG – I am so close to EXTREME – LOL!! My ($231) haul cost me $103 after coupons and sales – I bought tons of stock up items and earned $1.30 in Gas Points worth $39.00 so bottom line was…  all that for only $64! 

This is REAL shopping… sticking to a weekly budget ($75) and buying items we use, need and can make meals of!  Here is what I got (and I still have $11 to spend – LOL):

A – 4 lb Roast ($3.14/lb.) and 5 lbs of Chicken Breast ($1.99/lb.)

Oranges, Bananas and Cantaloupe

2 lbs Deli Salami (B1G1 Free), 2 packs Rolls (B1G1 Free)

5 -2 liters of Diet Pepsi, 2 lbs. Butter, 2 Bison chip dips

2 Gallons of Milk, 3 Boxes of Pop-tarts, 2 Boxes of Instant Oatmeal (B1G1 Free)

3 Salsa and 3 Taco Shells (This is the $3 Instant Savings Deal!!)

6 Creamer, 6 Pancake Mix, 6 Syrups (each set of 6 was 200 BONUS Gas Points)

4 English Muffins and 2 Smucker Jelly ( I wanted 6 of each, but they were out of jelly…)

 There you have it… real shopping and real deals.  I hit $4.40 off per gallon yesterday so I filled up for FREE as well  – looks great doesn’t it??


So have you shopped?  Do you love the bonus gas point deals?  What is your weekly budget?  Do you stick to it??  Do tell – Let’s chat!!


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  1. Now that is some awesome savings! And FREE gas! I’m still at $1.40 off of gas but I haven’t went in this week yet! Going today for a few deals!

  2. Thanks Mari – I hit $3.20 during FREE cereal week and filled up then too… I am loving the deals lately!! This week was awesome!!

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