Finally Friday, on Saturday…. a weekly wrap-up!




Drinks (Photo credit: foilman)

It’s “FINALLY FRIDAY” ~ WhoooHooo…   AND I forgot to schedule this to post yesterday so it is coming out LATE… sorry!!


What a week of shopping and planning and FREE full tank of gas getting… whoohooo… CLICK HERE if you missed the write up.  BONUS – I am already back up to $2.00, the deals have been AMAZING!!  How about you – shopping??  Great Deals??  Free Gas??  DO TELL!!!!


I also fed “the masses” pretty darn well this week… I shared my SUPER EASY Roast Chicken and Potatoes HERE…  


As usual, lots of ongoing activity in the “Real Deal” household… still working the Girl Scout Magazine Sale so if you want to renew (or BUY) your ALL YOU – or any other magazine, please visit our site and do so securely through the Girl Scouts!!  Thank you for your Donation!!



I also got down right personal this week with my controversially titled post:  What’s Up Wednesday ~ Has Ritalin replaced the good ‘ole butt-beating??  I am so touched by the outpouring of LOVE and SUPPORT I received about this post… THANK YOU!!!!  Good Lord, it helps to talk about it!!!



Okay – on to planning next week, some of the Match-ups are already done…  wholley Moses, I am on fire…. ~

Coupons to expect this Sunday:  1 Lonely insert this week… I think this means locals can buy the Daily News weekend edition on Saturday…??  Yes??   MAKE SURE the insert is in there!!!!

TOPS:  Here is the first of many deals:  Click HERE for “The Snack Attack

CVS:   Click HERE for next week’s deals

Rite-aid:   Click HERE for next week’s deals


News on Next week:  I made the MOST AMAZING Vegetable Beef Soup and I plan on sharing that with you, of course there will be more shopping and deal doing… and we’ll see what controversy we can discuss sometime as well…  LOL!!  Have a GREAT weekend!!


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