$26 worth of goods FREE and CVS paid me $6 to take it out!!


Super Cool HIT at CVS yesterday…

I found these SENSITIVE  Schick Hydro’s with a $1.50 PEELIE coupon on them, they were $3.99 – $1.50 Peelie = $2.49 and I got a $4 ECB (monthly deal) for each…  That is a $6 profit!!  I also grabbed the FREE Sensitive Colgate! 

That is over $26 worth of goods all FREE and a $6 Money Maker!

Thank goodness for this ‘cuz I really did not have a good visit at CVS…. I actually “stormed” out…. GASP!!!

LOL – Then I sat in my car and thought… what the hell am I doing??  I am not going to experience Road Rage over Free toothpaste…  SERIOUSLY – although everything I got was indeed the “SENSITIVE” variety…!!! 

Tomorrow’s a new day…LOL!!


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  1. Oh no! What happend my Michelle?

  2. Was this the same trip when they did not give RC’s and would not take exp. ECB’s?

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